Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Raising money for the Recall, Hernandez heads to Arizona

For those of you who read this blog, please consider going to the website RecallCityHall.org and donating money to the cause. We have to raise more money to be successful.

We have hundreds of returned petitions and thousands of signatures, but it is not enough.
We need 240,000 qualified signatures to get city-destroying incompetent Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on a Recall ballot for November 2010.

Right now, we are finalizing details for a direct mail campaign. We are going to mail the Recall petitions, along with an instructional letter and a return envelope, to thousands of voter households here in Los Angeles.

Bulk Mail permits and rates can get our numbers for postage more reasonable and clearly within the realm of possibility. If we can raise $50,000 , then we can mail out our Recall package to about 200,000 voting households. From those households, we expect returned petitions and their own donations to fund another wave of the mailings to registered voters. Ideally, we want to send a Recall petition to every single registered voter in Los Angeles. I think this is a goal that can be accomplished. We just need more money.

If we can mail a petition to every voter, the Mayor doesn't have a prayer of avoiding the Recall.

We have already had some generous donors, and I'll be spending the majority of this week raising money from various sources. I'm even going to go to the City union leaders and ask them to at least share their mailing list.

David Hernandez is headed to Arizona this week to meet with J.D. Hayworth. David is going to ask Hayworth to spread the message to his followers, who are strongly pro-SB1070. I sent a message to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to encourage her to tell her citizens to donate to our cause. I'm not sure she will help, but she put a post on Facebook last night telling people to complain to L.A. City leaders about their nonsensical boycott of Arizona. I told her...forget the phone calls...get us some money and we will kick these fools right out of office. I'm going to start calling Arizona radio stations and contacting their newspapers.

If we get the money, the Mayor and all the Council members are in big trouble.

Many voters here don't particularly care for their "philosopher king" attitudes.

While the City is getting crushed by a budget crisis, they take valuable time to stick their big fat noses into the business of a sovereign State.

We need far fewer "philosopher kings" like this in our City government.

If we raise the money...there are going to be several job losses at City Hall.

The Spring Street 15 is one gang that needs to get put out of business.