Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Election Night Catastrophe!!

It went far worse than I could ever have imagined. I'm going to lose my election. Not all the precincts are in, but James Andion has 50% of the vote through 75% of the precincts, so he pretty much has it won. I'm a thousand votes behind. I don't think I can catch up.

I guess the voters prefer a guy who doesn't live in this district. That's fine.
I'm sure he'll take the same amount of time off his job as an attorney (zero ) to campaign as he did for this one.
Andion will get an ass kicking from Karen Bass in the fall.

Almost all the great Conservatives I was supporting got wiped out. Whitman blew Poizner and Naritelli away. Fiorina trashed Chuck DeVore. Even that traitor Abel Maldonado is going to be rewarded for the big tax hikes with a run for Lt. Governor.

I walked into the Anaheim Hilton thinking I would be seeing some Chuck DeVore supporters.... no.
I see Carly Fiorina supporters dancing onstage. Celebrating.
I felt sick. I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach.
I didn't stick around long.
I said hello to Alexia Deligianni, who was very depressed because she was losing her election for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

One upside of this election is that I don't have to spend the next five months of my life talking about Karen Bass. Too bad, because I had some good strategies worked out.

I can concentrate my time and efforts on the Recall and other things now.