Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My heroes have always been Nuch and Cooley

Here is another clip from the Clean Sweep Candidate Forum.
It's a clip that will make the liberals at Griffith Park Wayist apoplectic.

I didn't like that the Forum went 14 1/2 minutes without letting me field a question, but when I did I made it count. I made it clear that I support Carmen Trutanich and Steve Cooley for going after corruption in Los Angeles. I also give a pretty good answer about immigration near the 28 minute mark.

The video looks better on the Vimeo site. Watch it there.

L.A. Clean Sweep - Q&A Part 1 - 1st Ever Citywide City Council Candidate Forum from Michael N. Cohen onVimeo.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Cat Whisperer & The Hamburglar

Good video here from Michael N. Cohen of the City Council Candidate Forum for Clean Sweep.

I like it when at 9:30 of the video, when I dismiss spending more on bicycle paths, Cohen cuts to a reaction shot from CD 4 Candidate Stephen Box. He clearly is not amused.

At 28 minutes into the video, I talk about Paul Koretz "The Cat Whisperer" and "The Hamburglar" Jan Perry.

L.A. Clean Sweep - Q&A Part 2 - 1st Ever Citywide City Council Candidate Forum from Michael N. Cohen on Vimeo.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Residency Issues vs. Political freedom

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about residency issues and political freedom.

As many of you already know, City Council Member Richard Alarcon is under indictment for lying to ethics department officials and masquerading to voters that he was a resident of the 7th Council District. He, in fact, lived in the 2nd Council District. Alarcon is probably going to have to "cop a plea" or cut a deal in order to avoid jail time. He will probably be forced to give up his City Council seat as a condition of the agreement.

As much as I hate Richard Alarcon, I think his penalty for this violation is excessive.
Alarcon should not have been busted for running as the candidate, but -- once elected, his decision to not live amongst his voters was repulsive. Richard Alarcon was giving the voters of the 7th Council District the middle finger... and as such they should have been smarter and not chosen to elect him.

The reason I have this political viewpoint is that -- much like any other subject -- it all comes down to personal and political freedom. Why, exactly, should voters in Los Angeles City Council Districts be limited to the choices that the City dictates to them? Their strange residency demand eliminates many good candidates from running for office to represent voters in those districts. In the 2007 City Council elections, five of the incumbent City Council Members had no opponent!! How exactly is that fair to the voters of those Districts, that they get to have no other choice on the ballot!??

In fact, I am considering filing a massive lawsuit in Federal Court against the City of Los Angeles over this residency requirement policy. In federal elections for Congress, the candidate does not have to live in the District he or she is running in. This opens the voters up to a wide array of potential candidates. Without this restrictive residency requirement, we could have many people running against these elected criminals like Tony Cardenas. Clowns like "The Hamburglar" Jan Perry. The "Cat Whisperer" Paul Koretz. Budget Destroying Socialist Paul Krekorian.

For example, the City of Compton recently had some corruption issues. What if someone who I personally detest -- like Al Sharpton -- decided he wanted to run for Mayor of Compton, California? Even though Sharpton is a resident of New York and I find him to be vile and dishonest, I would have no problem whatsoever with him running for Mayor of Compton, California. His opponents could capitalize on the fact that Shapton was an outsider. However, if the voters in Compton didn't like their local leaders and decided they wanted to take a chance on a polarizing national figure like Al Sharpton - why not allow the voters that freedom of choice? Whom does it harm? The voters can still decide.

I have a record for the last 16 years of having lived in and voted in District 5. For many years, I had to suffer that fool Jack Weiss as my Council Member. An absolute jackass who ignored the voters of his District. Where was my freedom to have a better option? Even though I live in CD 5, I am only four blocks west from the border of Council District 4. I spend a great deal of my day living and working in Council District 4.

I have run for political office twice here in Los Angeles. I ran for Mayor of Los Angeles in March 2009 and I ran for the Republican nomination to Congress for the 33rd Congressional District in June 2010. In both these elections, voters in Council District 4 were looking at my name on their ballot. However, under these restrictive City policies, I would not be qualified to run for the office of City Council in District 4 -- even though CD 4 voters may have already voted for me in the past . I consider that an illegal infringement by the City on my personal freedom. I'd like to hear what a Federal Judge would have to say about the matter.

I'll set the lawsuit aside for now. I'll play their little game. But I don't like it one bit.

I am going to change my voter registration to the residence of a woman I have been seeing socially for the last year. She lives about 12 blocks away from me. I'll change my credit card bills, my drivers license, etc....
I'll move in with her for the next 6 months and try to win this election.
Four more years of Tom La Bonge won't help anything in this City, that is for sure.

And the City sure won't be able to prove I haven't been living in my new residence.
That is a fact.

Mourning in America

If you remember the original "Morning in America" ad in 1984, this ad might seem familiar.

The original ad helped sweep Ronald Reagan into a second term as President.

This one does a 180 and chastises Barack Obama for the sour mood in the country right now.

Democrats are headed for epic losses this November. Just wait and see.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Clean Sweep Forum

I made it to the Forum today, although I was a little late because I couldn't get off work early enough.

I felt that I gave good, Conservative answers that were better than most candidates.

I got to use the phrases "Hamburglar" , "Cat Whisperer" and "Dangerous Enemies of Freedom"

One note to Clean Sweep organizers.... you might want to invest in venues with air conditioning in the future.

It was unpleasantly warm in the American Legion facility there without AC.

Clean Sweep Candidate Forum Today

I'll be trying to make an official campaign appearance at the LA Clean Sweep event today.
It is being held at the American Legion Hall at 227 North Avenue 55, Los Angeles 90042.

My work schedule is complicating matters. I'm the only one at my company that speaks Spanish and I'm needed today until about 1:30 or so. So I'll probably be late for the event.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the other City activists and having a energizing discussion on how to change the path to the future for this City.

More information on the Candidate Forum can be found here.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sarah Palin 2012

There can be no doubt about who is the #1 figure in the GOP right now.
The others don't even come close.

My night with Meg Whitman

Readers here at TJR might be surprised that I went and spent last evening at an event for Meg Whitman.
I have made it clear in the past that I'm not a fan. But at least I have an excuse.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was going to be there and that was who I really wanted to see.
Christie is kind of a rock star in the GOP right now for the way he is changing things in New Jersey, a deeply blue state.

The event last night was a fancy shmancy $1,000 a plate dinner for her closest fundraisers.

So what was I doing there? I ain't paying no $1,000 bucks to meet no Meg Whitman!

I received a surprise invitation from a very attractive woman who I had never met before.
She contacted me on Facebook. She said she had been reading Mayor Sam's blog! Wow!
(So I guess maybe it is more than just me, Higby, Joe B, and Mary that read it)
She said she admired the fact that I took on Villaraigosa. In the election and the Recall.
I thought that was nice.

She explained how she had an extra ticket and wanted to know if I'd go with her.
I said sure, why not. I'm your man.
It all turned out very well.

It turned out to be a fantastic evening up in the Grand Courtyard of the Hollywood and Highland complex... on that 5th floor that is always off limits. Nice to see it... it's cool.

Highlights for my night.
I got to meet and shake hands with astronaut Buzz Aldrin. That was awesome.
I was sitting only 20 feet or so from Chris Christie. More on him later.
I spent the night chatting with an attractive woman who expressed her appreciation for my political activities.

And then... there was Meg.
There was an autographed copy of her book waiting on every seat.
Mine is already reserved for Ultra-Liberal Joe Barrett, in order to convince him to leave the brainwashing cult of liberalism. (So Joe...let me know where to send it. or I'll give it to Higby for you.)

Meg was Meg... lots of pro-business speech. Rah-rah, etc etc...
She wasn't terrible up close. She seemed like a nice person.
She had a lot of people vouch for her.

Her support from Chris Christie meant a lot to me.
Christie gave a very moving and emotional performance talking about how he rose to the Governors office in a very blue state. He talked about how you are always going to have enemies in politics, and how if you don't - you are in the wrong business. He told a very funny story about vetoing the Democrats first budget. he said the Democrats called it something crazy like, "the fairness, hope, and light budget" -- and he promptly demolished it by vetoing it in less than 60 seconds.

Christie said he wasn't interested in caving into the demands of others. I know the feeling very well.
Christie gave me a lot of ideas for my run for the 4th Council District.
Tom LaBonge is going to have a fight on his hands, because I want his job.

Near the end of the evening, after Meg and Governor Christie had left, I was milling about chatting with people and Meg suddenly made a surprise re-entry to the ballroom. I managed to get over to her and say hello.
I shook hands and with her and pulled her close to me.

"Do me a favor", I said.
"What?" , she asked .
"Kick Jerry Browns ass!", I said loudly.
Several people laughed.
Meg laughed and said "I will".

I'm still not sold on Whitman. I still think she is a big-government RINO.
I still plan on leaving that box blank on election day.
But I have to admit, after meeting her up close, my dislike for her has lessened.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Does Steve Cooley read The Jennerjahn Report?

Fantastic news today as District Attorney Steve Cooley sweeps in and arrests most of those involved in the payroll scandal in the City of Bell. Former City Manager Robert Rizzo faces 53 charges.
(Also a great idea for those Council Members to be in custody for their own safety. The latest public meetings in Bell were turning into ugly lynch-mob mentality free-for-alls.)

Cooley can now present himself to voters as the "top dog" of law enforcement in California.
A crime-buster who will go after entitled bureaucrats who steal from taxpayers. What is not to love there?

Cooley will trounce San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris in the election in November.
Congratulations to the new Attorney General of California : Steve Cooley!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tom LaBonge and his Million Dollar Pension

One of the issues I am going to take to the forefront in my campaign against corrupt career bureaucrat Tom La Bonge is the massive size of his bloated pension. Tom LaBonge will make himself a millionaire off of the taxpayers just for being a simple public servant. Now, to be quite honest, I don't have all the details yet, but I plan on getting them. I plan on making a public information request from the Pensions Board.

Tom LaBonge worked with John Ferraro for about 15 years in City Hall as one of Ferraros main assistants.
I would imagine he was paid a decent salary...let's say $50,000 a year. Due to corruption in City government and corruption in labor unions who support them, the City workers who retire generally receive a very high percentage of their salary as a pension. So let's say -- for sake of the argument --that Tom La Bonge is going to get an 80% pension on that $50,000 salary. Or about $40,000 per year in pension payments.

Then you add on the fact that he has served since 2001 as a City Council Member, winning a special election after the death of John Ferraro. LaBonge lucked into a situation where his first two years were not counted against him for term limits, but they sure were counted for him in pension plans.

Tom LaBonge has served for 9 years, and another victory in the March City Elections and he will have served 13 years by the time he leaves. This would qualify him for yet another massive City pension. His salary now? $174,000 per year. An 80% pension would put him at about $139,000 per year for his City Council service. Add the first pension and you get to about $180,000 a year that taxpayers have to pay Tom LaBonge to sit around and do nothing for the next 20 years.

20 years of pension payments...assuming Tom LaBonge makes it to 80 years old.... add up to over $3.6 million dollars. Pretty good gravy train - if you can get it.

And this doesn't even include any money he gets from the DWP.
He worked there for several years.
We all know how conservative they are about handing out taxpayer money to their employees.

Now these numbers might not be exactly correct, but I'm not off by a lot.
I'm in the ballpark. And it is a mighty sweet ballpark for Tom. Not so sweet for L.A. taxpayers.

People have been questioning my platform for City Council. One of my main focuses is on the issue of pension reform. The Unions have crushed the City with sky-high, unsustainable pension loads.
People in the private sector couldn't even dream of the gravy that City workers get.

This needs to end and it needs to end now.

One of my first actions would be to create City regulations that prevent "double-dipping".
There are too many City Bernard Parks... who retire from one department to claim a pension, then continue working for the City in another department. I find it extremely offensive that Parks draws a $400,00 pension from the Police Department while he still works full time as a City Council Member.
I consider it theft of public funds. If you are not retired, you should not be drawing a pension off of the backs of taxpayers.

The Labor Unions have created an unbearable situation here in Los Angeles. Taxpayers are expected to shovel out boatloads of cash for people who are no longer working for the City. The very idea of a pension is that it is a stipend that prevents you from running out of money or living in poverty in your older years.
The Unions have twisted this concept to turn it around and demand massive rewards for having once worked for the City, at some distant time in the past.

Why should taxpayers in 2030 have to pay Tom LaBonge $180,000 per year? Because twenty years ago in 2010 he voted to raise parking meter rates and raise DWP rates on voters?

When we get to the election forums for Council District 4, Tom LaBonge is going to be like Lucy Ricardo... he's going to have some "splaining" to do.

Sarah Palin phones voters for Christine O'Donell

Even her haters can't deny it. Having a message from Sarah Palin on your answering machine clearly makes you more aware of that candidate. That is why Christine O'Donnell won.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Republican Women in the News

The two biggest names in political news this week are Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell.

Former Alaskan Governor Palin went to a Republican fundraiser in Iowa, an early primary state for the 2012 election. Writers and political experts couldn't help but mention the implications for an assumed Palin run for the Presidency in 2012.

Palin made a clever joke about the situation. She joked that she couldn't go jogging because the headlines the next day would read: "Palin, in Iowa, decides to run..."

O'Donnell, the GOP nominee for US Senate in Delaware, has seen the worst of it over the last few days from the biased liberal media. Liberal Rosie O'Donnell (no relation) sounds afraid of her.

In spite of this, O'Donnells star seem to be on the rise. She gets almost as much attention as Sarah Palin in the last few days. Her national brand seems to be growing. Her fundraising is soaring.

She laid out her Conservative beliefs to a Christian audience on Friday and dropped this sound bite on the medias head. Talking about the insanity of liberal policies in schools, she said...

"They will let your teenage daughter buy an abortion, but they won't let her buy a sugary drink from a school vending machine." Pow!

The media is portraying her as a fringe candidate, but I like her.
I like her a lot.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Who's laughing now? Zuma Dogg.

Actually, he's not laughing. He's actually very upset.

City Activist Zuma Dogg (a.k.a. David Saltsburg) is not very happy about what's going on in the media right now.

Now that Wendy Gruel has decided to throw daggers at Villaraigosa while blogging at HuffPo and announce it publicly how badly the "stimulus" money has been mis-spent, other media souces are jumping all over the story.

Now other local activists like Ron Kaye and Walter Moore are jumping on the bandwagon about the "stimulus" money.... which was all a scam from the very start.

(The government cannot create business. They can only create more government employees.)

Zuma Dogg was talking about a Federal Investigation into the mis-use of the "stimulus" money a long time ago.

Too bad most people weren't listening.

Zuma Dogg may be an offbeat character, but his eerily prescient knowledge of City politics continues to impress me...and many others, I believe.

He always reminds me of the movie "True Believer" with James Woods.
Woods plays an attorney investigating a murder. Near the end of the movie, the case gets blown wide open and Woods is stunned to find out that information from a witness he had previously discredited is actually correct.

Woods says "The guy that they all said was crazy was the only one who knew what he was talking about...."

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Loony Eco-Warriors begin futile protest tomorrow

Friday, September 17th is "Park(ing) Day" here in Los Angeles.

A bunch of loony eco-warriors will begin the futile protest of taking over parking spaces and turning them into "mini-parks." This is some type of protest against the perceived slight of there not being enough green space in Los Angeles.

Apparently, they are unaware of the fact that Griffith Park is larger than some other cities in America.
Or that the Angeles National Forest is a short drive away.

Memo to these misguided souls:

Sunset Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard run for over 15 miles.
Sepulveda goes for 43 miles from Valley to South Bay.
Are we supposed to use bicycles to get around?

We live in a major metropolitan area.
That's where the jobs are. That is where commerce occurs.
You can always go live in Wyoming, or in an Amish community if you wish.
Leave the rest of us out of your silly nonsense.

Sadly, one of the active participants in this eco-warrior nonsense is misguided City Council candidate Stephen Box.

Box wants us to be like the Netherlands, and have everyone ride bicycles.
I wonder if that type of thinking will sit well with the voters in March 2011.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don't make Walter Moore angry....

... you wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Former Mayoral Candidate Walter Moore went on Fox News last night and delivered a scorching indictment of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Moore explained in detail how Villaraigosa had accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars of free tickets for hundreds of sporting events and concerts.
City Ethics laws dictate that politicians have to declare any gifts that they receive.
It is part of trying to operate the City in a transparent manner.

Villaraigosa didn't report the tickets, and the fact that these companies .... AEG, the Dodgers, Staples Center etc... had business and contracts pending with the City makes it appear that there is a "pay to play" situation going on in Los Angeles City government.

I don't agree with Walter Moore on every subject, but we are in complete agreement here.
Villaraigosa is corrupt, he is stealing from the taxpayers of this City, and he needs to go.
In addition, his pathological dishonesty in his personal life and other matters makes him an all-around creep.

District Attorney Steve Cooley is already beating Kamala Harris by a wide margin in his election for Attorney General. I think it would be like putting a cherry on the sundae if he were to place Villaraigosa in handcuffs and perp-walk him into the County Jail. Los Angeles needs to have ethical and honest leaders in the future if the City is ever to pull out of its tailspin.

We already have a Council Member (Alarcon) under indictment who refuses to step down.

We are on a path to become Detroit.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

RINOs getting routed!!

Tonight has been a joyous night for me. RINO Republicans are getting routed left and right.
Mike Castle was a big name in Delaware. At least, he was.
But Castle was a big squishy moderate who couldn't be trusted to vote the right way in crucial situations.
So he's gone.

Christine O'Donnell, a newcomer who had support from the Tea Party activists and endorsements from Sarah Palin and Mark Levin, took out Castle in the GOP primary tonight.

I was rather disturbed to see Karl Rove on Fox kind of whining about her victory.
He doesn't think she can win in November.
Hell, two months ago, nobody thought she could come close to beating Castle, but she did it.

Sarah Palins influence over the GOP continues to grow.
Her endorsement has turned the tide for many candidates.
She will be owed many political favors by new Congress members in 2012.

Jose Aguilar and Red Spot join "Team Meg"

Well, this is disturbing.

Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council President and local political activist Jose Aguilar (lower left corner in photo) and blogger Red Spot (Scott Johnson, in hat in photo) from the Mayor Sam blog have joined forces on "Team Meg".

I have not hidden my lack of enthusiasm for Whitmans campaign. I find her offensive.
Someone who can't be bothered to vote and donates money to the enemy should not be the GOP candidate for Governor.

Meg Whitman: Endorsed by a big pile of Meg Whitmans money.

The only thing missing from this photo is State Senate candidate John Stammreich, making an fiery campaign speech to encourage people to get out there and save California jobs..... (by voting for Meg??)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Take THAT, you Socialists!!

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has this great new ad out.
It shows how Democrats are going to get destroyed in November because of their Socialist, leftist ideology.

Most Americans don't approve of President Obama and his handling of the economy.
Most Americans would never choose sides against the families of 9-11.
Most Americans don't approve of the insanity-level spending.

Most Americans who vote in November won't be voting for Democrats.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why did 9-11 happen? Islam. That's why.

Bad memories this morning.

Like most Californians, I will still in bed asleep as most of the days events took place 9 years ago today.

The South Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed at 10am Eastern, which was 7am Pacific.
Most of us on the West Coast were just getting out of bed.

A friend of mine called from the Midwest to tell me that one of the World Trade centers was gone.

It seemed like a ridiculous statement ...until I turned on the TV.

Over 3,000 Americans would die that day, all because of fanatical Muslims.

Islam is a violent and dangerous religion which has been a threat to world peace for over 1,400 years.

It is a religion which allows women be treated like possessions, and like cattle.

It is a religion that allows adult men to marry children.

It is a religion that preaches death and destruction. Those who abandon the Islamic faith are to be killed.
That is a standing order in Islam.

Muslims are savages.
They stone people to death.
They amputate peoples hands.

We must remain alert of the threats we face.

I will leave you with this quote from Andrew of my favorite Presidents.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing. It behooves you, therefore, to be watchful in your States as well as in the Federal Government." -- Andrew Jackson, Farewell Address, March 4, 1837

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Taco Truck" Alvarez for Governor?

Wow. Here is one that is difficult to get your head around.

Yeah, that's right. You heard me correctly.

I actually think that Alvarez is a Communist, but hey... isn't that just splitting hairs?

Alvarez had a lot of loony ideas when he was running for Mayor in 2009.
He said everyone had the right to a job, housing, free education, and free health care.
However, he never made it clear exactly who was going to pay for or provide these services.

At a campaign event in the Valley, Alvarez and I got into a little conflict because he was defending street vendors and I thought he was being naive and was totally unqualified to be Mayor.
Alvarez had gone into a tirade supporting workers rights and street vendors where he ended up screaming

Later on in that same forum, I jokingly referred to him as "Taco Truck" Alvarez because he had just screamed that phrase a few minutes earlier.
Alvarez threw a hissy fit and demanded an apology and said he wouldn't participate in the forum any more if I didn't apologize.

I didn't want to, but I felt a responsibility to the forum hosts to smooth things out.
I told Alvarez it was just a joke. I regret that.
I wanted to tell him to get out of the election if he couldn't handle people "hurting his precious little feelings"... but I bit my tongue and tried to gloss over the heated moment.

He even called me an "Arch-Reactionary"
(I don't even know what that means, but I like the way it sounds.)

Out of all the people who ran against me in the Los Angeles Mayoral Election in 2009, Alvarez was the one I found the most troubling. His philosophies were deeply disturbing.

Alvarez is a dangerous lunatic, and his continual search for power over others gives me the chills.
Alvarez is the type of tyrannical egomaniac who would be running around and executing people in the middle of the street if they didn't follow his exact orders.

Now, the chances of Alvarez ever being elected to anything are remote.
I'm more worried about him getting his hands on power in some type of violent takeover.
Remember, they laughed at Hitler ....they laughed at Stalin ...... they laughed at Castro.

Eventually , they stopped laughing because it wasn't funny anymore.

If Carlos Alvarez ever achieved power, he would make Amon Goeth look like a meter maid.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Villaraigosas other crimes: Sedition, Treason

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is the incompetent, buffoonish, morally bankrupt leader of the voters of this City. A tragedy for all involved.

While Villaraigosa is guilty of bankrupting the City, stealing its funds, and handing money to convicted criminals... some of his other crimes that don't get talked about much are the ones that should actually be considered for prosecution.

When Villaraigosa and the City Council vote to conduct their half-hearted "economic blockade" of the State of Arizona because they don't like Arizona enforcing immigration law, this is an act of Sedition.
If I was Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, I would have a standing arrest warrant issued for all Los Angeles City Council members should they ever enter Arizona. That might teach our nosy City Council Members a lesson about meddling in the affairs of a sovereign State.

Treason, according to Wikipedia, is the act of betrayal of your country. The act of giving aid and comfort to its enemies. Villaraigosa also clearly meets this legal standard.

When illegal immigrants have held massive rallies in Los Angeles, Villaraigosa has appeared to speak to not only condone the rallies, but to apologize for American immigration policy. Villaraigosa went on CNN and continued his apologist nonsense... saying that a vast majority of the immigrants were obeying the law.

Uh... no. They are all lawbreakers just by their presence here.

If you look at the above photo, you will see the rally of March 25, 2006, in which over 500,000 illegal immigrants marched through the streets of Los Angeles displaying their contempt for our nations laws.

And while the Latino community is quick to scream racism, they don't have any problem with hypocrisy, as the racist organization AZTLAN went out of their way to describe the success of the May Day Rally.

What does the immense success of "La Gran Marcha" mean to Mexicanos and other Latinos? It simply means that we now have the numbers, the political will and the organizational skills to direct our own destinies and not be subservient to the White and Jewish power structures.

The actual race of the protesters was irrelevant. The lawbreaking was what was the issue.
It doesn't matter if they were from Mexico, China, Norway or anywhere else.

This was a crowd of 500,000 showing their defiance and disrespect of our laws.
For Villaraigosa to accept their plans to march and organize is an act of treason.

My immediate thought that day was.... "today they came carrying signs"
"What if next time they come carrying guns?"

This is exactly why you control illegal immigration.
You don't allow this situation to exist.
This crowd of 500,000 is basically, an instant standing foreign army on your own soil.

Should they choose to take up arms, our puny Los Angeles Police Department with only 10,000 officers would be outnumbered by 50 to 1. What chance do you think they would have of maintaining control and order in this city?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lisa Sarkin: Studio City's Most Dangerous

I have made it clear in other blog posts that I am repulsed by local politicians and their dangerous Nanny-State ideologies. Whenever a local politician wants to decide something for you, you had better run in the other direction.

Whether it is "The Hamburglar" Jan Perry banning fast food development in her District after deciding that her voters are too fat, dumb, and stupid to make their own nutritional decisions. Or "The Cat Whisperer" Paul Koretz, deciding that voters in Los Angeles can no longer get their cats declawed.

No, the Freedom-Hating Liberal train continues to make many stops here in L.A.
That is a given. Things that would be considered shocking in other cities barely raise an eyebrow here.

However, Dangerous Enemy of Freedom Lisa Sarkin seems to have taken things to a new height of lunacy.

The article goes on to describe how hundreds of dispensary owners are losing their businesses.
In the middle of a massive recession, The City of Los Angeles has decided to shut down 500 functional businesses. The property owners who leased to the dispensaries are not getting new tenants. It is costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost income.

In the story, nosy NIMBY and Notorious Hater of Freedom Lisa Sarkin opines that she feels only two medical marijuana dispensaries should be allowed in Studio City.

Why? Because Lisa Sarkin says so...that's why!!

Somewhere, tonight, Judy Price is weeping and wondering... "How did this happen?".... "How did Lisa Sarkin surpass me to become Studio City's Most Dangerous.." ???

Gary Hubbell explains why Obama will actually save America

Barack Obama has awakened a sleeping nation
Gary Hubbell
Aspen Times Weekly
February 2010

Barack Obama is the best thing that has happened to America in the last 100 years. Truly, he is the savior of America 's future.

Despite the fact that he has some of the lowest approval ratings among recent presidents, history will see Barack Obama as the source of America 's resurrection. Barack Obama has plunged the country into levels of debt that we could not have previously imagined; his efforts to nationalize health care have been met with fierce resistance nationwide; TARP bailouts and stimulus spending have shown little positive effect on the national economy; unemployment is unacceptably high and looks to remain that way for most of a decade; legacy entitlement programs have ballooned to unsustainable levels, and there is a seething anger in the populace.

That's why Barack Obama is such a good thing for America. Here's why.

Obama is the symbol of a creeping liberalism that has infected our society like a cancer for the last 100 years. Just as Hitler is the face of fascism, Obama will go down in history as the face of unchecked liberalism. The cancer metastasized to the point where it could no longer be ignored.

Average Americans who have quietly gone about their lives, earning a paycheck, contributing to their favorite charities, going to high school football games on Friday night, spending their weekends at the beach or on hunting trips - they've gotten off the fence. They've awakened. There is a level of political activism in this country that we haven't seen since the American Revolution, and Barack Obama has been the catalyst that has sparked a restructuring of the American political and social consciousness.

Think of the crap we've slowly learned to tolerate over the past 50 years as liberalism sought to re-structure the America that was the symbol of freedom and liberty to all the people of the world. Immigration laws were ignored on the basis of compassion. Welfare policies encouraged irresponsibility, the fracturing of families, and a cycle of generations of dependency. Debt was regarded as a tonic to lubricate the economy. Our children left school having been taught that they are exceptional and special, while great numbers of them cannot perform basic functions of mathematics and literacy. Legislators decided that people could not be trusted to defend their own homes, and stripped citizens of their rights to own firearms. Productive members of society have been penalized with a heavy burden of taxes in order to support legions of do-nothings who loll around, reveling in their addictions, obesity, indolence, ignorance and "disabilities." Criminals have been arrested and re-arrested, coddled and set free to pillage the citizenry yet again. Lawyers routinely extort fortunes from doctors, contractors and business people with dubious torts.

We slowly learned to tolerate these outrages, shaking our heads in disbelief, and we went on with our lives.

But Barack Obama has ripped the lid off a seething cauldron of dissatisfaction and unrest.

A former Communist is given a paid government position in the White House as an advisor to the president. Auto companies are taken over by the government, and the auto workers' union - whose contracts are completely insupportable in any economic sense - is rewarded with a stake in the company. Government bails out Wall Street investment bankers and insurance companies, who pay their executives outrageous bonuses as thanks for the public support. Terrorists are read their Miranda rights and given free lawyers. And, despite overwhelming public disapproval, Barack Obama has pushed forward with a health care plan that would re-structure one-sixth of the American economy.

Literally millions of Americans have had enough. They're organizing, they're studying the Constitution and the Federalist Papers, they're reading history and case law, they're showing up at rallies and meetings, and a slew of conservative candidates are throwing their hats into the ring. Is there a revolution brewing? Yes, in the sense that there is a keen awareness that our priorities and sensibilities must be radically re-structured. Will it be a violent revolution? No. It will be done through the interpretation of the original document that has guided us for 220 "FANTASTIC" years--- the Constitution. Just as the pendulum swung to embrace political correctness and liberalism, there will be a backlash, a complete repudiation of a hundred years of nonsense. A hundred years from now, history will perceive the year 2010 as the time when America got back on the right track. And for that, we can thank Barack Hussein Obama.

Gary Hubbell is a hunter, rancher, and former hunting and fly-fishing guide. Gary works as a Colorado ranch real estate broker. He can be reached through his website,

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ramani under investigation?

It seems as though recent State Assembly candidate Sunder Ramani is being investigated by the District Attorneys office as to whether or not he actually lives in the 43rd Assembly District.

The L.A. Times story goes on to mention that Sunder was being very open before the election about having a home in the La CaƱada-Flintridge area. Ramani stated that he was moving into the District to run for the office.

Spin Master John Thomas says it is just "political opportunism".

Unlike the Richard Alarcon case, I actually have sympathy for Ramani. He is a businessman in Burbank and Glendale and wanted to run in the district. I think as a candidate, he should be given some flexibility.
He is not the elected official in that District, Mike Gatto is.

It is one thing to run for office declaring your intention to move should you be elected.
It is a totally different thing to represent your District for multiple years and not be there.

I don't think the current laws are fair to candidates who may live very close to the District they want to represent. If you don't win the election, it is a lot of uprooting your life just to run for the chance to be elected.

If you win, however, I expect representatives to be honest with their voters.
This is why I despise Richard Alarcons lies so much.
He is filled with contempt for voters... and why shouldn't he be?
The voters in the 7th District were dumb enough to elect a man who wanted nothing to do with them.

Ramani would have been a lot different. He's a good guy.
I know people who worked on his campaign.

Brewer: "We will not surrender Arizona!"

This is Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona. A talented woman with an aggressive position against illegal immigration. Her state and its citizens are the talk of the country with their tough new immigration law.

Here is the Governor pointing out the insanity of the Federal Government and its positions concerning border enforcement in Arizona.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fiorina and Boxer to debate tonight

I've pretty much made up my mind that I am going to hold my nose and vote for Carly Fiorina for the US Senate seat. I'm no fan of Fiorina, and consider her to be a RINO. There are many flaws with Carly, but I think I can trust her to vote Republican 75% of the time. Boxer would vote that way 0% of the time.

The big, big problem here is that Barbara "Don't call me M'am" Boxer is such an extreme liberal that she is harmful to the future of this country. She votes for Socialist agendas, which are barely a hop, skip and jump from flat out Communism and Totalitarianism. The Obamacare vote is going to be the death knell for many, many Democrats across the country. You don't tell Americans voters that they have to buy anything, healthcare or not.

Barbara Boxer is a Dangerous Domestic Enemy of The Constitution.
Her votes in the Senate ensure the violations of Constitutionally protected freedoms and a certain slide towards Totalitarian rule. She must be removed... even if it means voting in a RINO.

As a former member of the US Army , I swore an oath to protect the Constitution.
Boxer being in the Senate is a threat to our very freedom.
I will work with fellow Republicans to ensure that she is removed from power.

A Republican Senate will stop the assault on freedom currently underway with the Obama Administration.