Monday, August 9, 2010

Why Steve Cooley must arrest Robert Rizzo

Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley has a lot on his plate recently. After the indictment of sitting Los Angeles City Councilman Richard Alarcon made a lot of headlines this week, Cooley may have to shoot for an even higher profile case.

The breaking scandal in the City of Bell - a small suburb of Los Angeles with 40,000 residents - is a warning sign of the growing face of public corruption. Members of the "political class" in California are getting out of control. There are many public officials who are treating taxpayer funds like their own personal pocketbook. These people have to be arrested and prosecuted. It is crucial if public officials are to maintain that there is any integrity whatsoever in local governments in the future.

It is my opinion that District Attorney Steve Cooley needs to arrest and prosecute City of Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo, Assistant City Manger Angela Spaccia, and Police Chief Randy Adams.

In front of a jury, their lawyers will argue that this was all OK, that it was approved by the voters of Bell - where very few people actually bother to vote.

Cooley can counter with my argument, that this was a crime against all taxpayers in the State of California.
Rizzo will be pensioner #1 in the rankings of highest paid.
This is a disgrace and a slap in the face to all Californians.

This is illogical and wrong to allow them to profit from their crimes. At taxpayer expense.
Cooley has to step in and end this charade.
A jury of logical, taxpaying citizens will want to throw them under the jail, not just in it.

A few months ago I was seen on TV35 warning City Council that Richard Alarcon was a criminal and that he needed to be arrested. I warned that the entire City operations could be tied up with lawsuits because of his fraudulent service as the City Council Member from the 7th District - a district he found too distasteful to actually live in.

Soon enough, law enforcement got the idea, and Alarcon is now facing prison.

Let's see how long it takes them to get their act together on these miscreants from Bell.