Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Villaraigosa: Damn it feels good to be a gangster

In biographical information on the early years of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, there are sometimes a few passing references to the fact that Villaraigosa had been a gang member in his youth.

Oblivious to this inherent character flaw, voters in L.A. elected him Mayor in 2005, and re-elected him in 2009. The City might never recover financially from this decision.

It has always been my assertion that nothing about Villaraigosa ever changed:

Antonio Villaraigosa never stopped being a gangster.
His crimes just got bigger and more complex.

There is a long list of his crimes against taxpayers...

In 2008, Villaraigosa used public money to pay for himself and his security staff to go traveling around the country as part of the sideshow of the Hillary Clinton campaign.
Clinton wanted to pander to Hispanics, and for some odd reason, thought that Villaraigosa might have some pull there.

Villaraigosa was in full-on gangster mode, likely cutting a backroom deal with Clinton for a job in her Cabinet should she be elected. That pipe dream went up in smoke when Clintons campaign cratered.

Villaraigosa and his staff will argue that they were "doing the work of the citizens of Los Angeles".
Yeah, yeah. Spare me.
Voters in L.A. had no specific interest in seeing Hillary Clinton elected, and in fact, most of L.A. voted for Barack Obama. So Villaraigosas travels were a big fart in the wind and a waste of taxpayer money.

I consider it embezzlement of public funds for a singular selfish purpose: Villaraigosa was promoting his own career ambitions at taxpayer expense.

The massive transfers of funds to Unions and to the CRA have been a total perversion of City government.

The losses have been mind-boggling. Even City lackeys on the fourth floor have no answers.
Giveaways, sweetheart deals... the list goes on and on.

We have a totally, criminally corrupt Mayor and City Council.
We need to seek charges and indictments against them.

At a time when the City is laying off teachers and closing libraries, Villaraigosa makes sure to look out for the financial best interests of his "thug" friends.

Our corrupt Mayor and City Council voted to approve paying nearly $1 million dollars to an ex-con named Ansar Muhammed. Muhammed spent time in prison for selling dope at the corner of Westminster and 6th Avenue. Muhammed is also a follower of Louis Farrakhan.

Allegedly the money is for "anti-gang" activities. I call it theft of taxpayer funds.
The City government has no business turning over funds to an ex-con to supervise anti-crime activities.

Because of behavior like this, our City is approaching a financial catastrophe.
Cutting Hazmat teams, but handing cash to criminals.

Our leaders are morally bankrupt, and can no longer to be trusted as stewards of public funds.

It is my full intention, upon achieving elected power in Los Angeles, to have Antonio Villaraigosa arrested and charged with multiple financial crimes.

I hope the voters in the 4th District will heed my call this March.