Friday, August 6, 2010

Paul Koretz: "The Cat Whisperer"

One of the most disturbing acts of lunacy I've seen recently by an L.A. City Council member ( and there have been many of them) is the recent decision by 5th District Council Member Paul Koretz to make a motion banning the practice of declawing cats. It passed, for some odd reason.

How in the world does Koretz believe he has the right to create such a freedom-stealing piece of City legislation?

He is trying to control the way a pet owner interacts with his/her own pet. It is insanity!

Question: Whose rights are he trying to protect? The owners? No, he's trampling on those rights.

Answer: He's trying to protect the rights of those precious kitties!

We need to examine the results of his work here.

1) Does this law actually accomplish anything?

No. Owners who want to get their cats declawed will simply drive to Pasadena or Santa Monica, or Glendale and have it done there.

2) Where is the harm?

The harm here is to practicing Veterinarians who use declawing as part of their practice.
They lose income, and may have to lay off staff...further harming employment in Los Angeles.

I'm not saying declawing cats is a great idea, but sometimes that is the only option. Sometimes the owners are elderly who can't get scratched because of immuno-system issues. Or maybe the cat is being violent towards another pet. Declawing seems reasonable to me when there are limited alternatives. Better declawing than rather having the cat turned into the pound or destroyed.

But Paul Koretz doesn't see it that way. He is a "limousine liberal" who wants to dictate the lifestyles of others, then hop into his limo and speed away.

For this reason, he has earned his new nickname...