Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tricky Dick Alarcon: Not so tricky after all

In what has become a glorious, historic day for voters in Los Angeles, fraudulent City Council Member/career criminal Richard Alarcon was dragged in front of a grand jury yesterday and INDICTED on 18 counts of felony voter registration fraud. His wife was also charged with several offenses.

For years it had been an open secret that Richard Alarcon had been misrepresenting himself to the voters, and to the City Ethics officials. He had been registered to vote and claimed to live in Panaroma City, in the 7th Council District -- but he actually lived in a different location in Sun Valley, in Council Member Paul Krekorians 2nd Council District.

Alarcon finally got busted for this fraud because some deranged homeless man broke into the empty Panorama City house and started living there. Alarcon had to call the police to remove him. Then, months later, the same guy did the same thing again. This drew a lot of unnecessary attention to the situation.

I, myself, added fuel to the fire when I went down to City Council and blasted them about this issue.

I rang the bell and demanded Alarcons resignation months ago. Then I blasted City officials for doing nothing about a clearly criminal situation. I think it was when I talked about voters suing the City that they actually got their act together. Alarcons actions have now put the City in deep legal trouble as his actions may invalidate months of previous City Council votes and decisions.

I could not be happier about the demise of a career criminal like Alarcon. A man who disguised himself as a politician. Alarcon knew very well that only chumps steal with a gun. The very best professional criminals steal with a pen. And a ballot box.

Alarcon is going to be found guilty. He is guilty. I hope he does time.
He has done irreparable harm to the voters of the 7th District. And he has harmed the reputation of the City Council...( if that is, indeed, possible).

Want to know how they will convict Alarcon?
Testimony from the neighbors and Alarcons own cell phone records.

District Attorney Steve Cooley can subpoena the cell phone records of Alarcon and his wife.
Alarcon and his wife can tell all the lies they want, but technical data will tell a different story.
Phone company records will show that Alarcons and his wifes cell phones have been "pinging" off of the towers next to the Sun Valley home. Pinging at 2 a.m. , 5 a.m. etc... Every day. Every week. Non-stop.
And data will show they were never being used off the towers next to the Panorama City home.
Not once in three years. Case Closed.

Confronted with this damning evidence, Alarcon should resign immediately from City Council and there should be a special election held to fill his seat.

I hope District Attorney Steve Cooley will not allow a plea bargain after all of Alarcons lies.
I hope he works for a conviction.

The City will say goodbye to Tricky Dick Alarcon... the man I called the "Fredo Corleone" of City politics.