Monday, August 23, 2010

Why Meg Whitman won't get my vote

I've made my decision. I cannot support the California Republican Party in this election.

I will not vote for Meg Whitman for Governor.

If that makes me a pariah, then so be it!

As a Conservative, to support Whitman would be a betrayal of everything I stand for and everything I believe in. It would be like asking me to change my religious faith.
It is something I cannot and will not do, under any circumstances, whatsoever.

Our party is struggling because of morally "squishy" leadership.
People who are afraid to take a stand or to make an unpopular decision.
Voters smell that weakness, and usually abandon those leaderless parties at the polls.

Ronald Reagan drew millions of Democrats to the polls to vote for him in the Presidential elections in 1984 and 1988. The reason? He had moral clarity, and voters knew it.
He believed what he believed and he didn't back down from his positions.
George W. Bush was reviled to an unprecedented level by the American left.
So much so that the phrase BDS, or "Bush Derangement Syndrome" became popular in Conservative circles.
Bush was elected President twice, because voters sensed that he had more moral clarity than his opponents, Al Gore or the self-admitted flip-flopper John Kerry.

Voters are now being bombarded with slick ads from Meg Whitman.
Illegal immigration is a crucial component of the California budget catastrophe.
Health care, education, and prison costs for illegal immigrants run into the billions.
Whitman could not come up with a coherent answer as to what her policies would be if she is elected.
She has given conflicting answers on multiples occasions in the past.
To me, this shows a troubling lack of moral clarity.
She is unwilling to come out and say that illegal immigration is wrong.
Or that she will do anything about it.

There are many troubling issues with Whitman.

She gave money to the enemy. She donated money to Barbara Boxer!
To me, this should permanently disqualify her from running for any high-level office for the GOP.
Her supporters will spin it as a business woman trying to survive, but basically it just confirms my fears.

Whitmans only achievement in life has been to rise up through corporate ladders and make a lot of money for herself through stock options. I have no problem with Meg Whitman making a bundle of money in her field of work. That's Capitalism... good for her.

What I do have a problem with is a non-interested, non-involved person with no previous political experience suddenly deciding that they want to be the most powerful political leader in the State of California. That is mind-blowing arrogance and egomania. And it usually ends badly.
It's almost as bad as a few years ago when an arrogant, egomaniac actor with no previous political experience suddenly decided he wanted to be the most powerful political figure in the State of California.
We all know the result of that election. A budget catastrophe and the biggest tax raises in California history!

No, Whitman is a danger just like the current Governor because of her lack of experience. I would prefer a leader who had already served as a Mayor or a County Commissioner. One who had proven Conservative credentials. A leader who respected the Tenth Amendment and would fight for it.
A leader who displays moral clarity and backs it up with his actions.

Instead, we have Meg Whitman.

Meg Whitman doesn't deserve to be Governor because she did not work her way up through the ranks.
Was she ever a Chairman of a local or County GOP organization? Did she walk precincts? Did she make phone calls for or donate money to other GOP candidates? No.

Meg Whitman never gave a damn about any other GOP candidate, ever.

Meg Whitman didn't vote for 28 years!

Was it really so difficult? A five minute drive to her local polling place?
She could have done absentee and voted by mail in 2 minutes for every election.
And now she decides she wants to be Governor of California.

The situation reminds me of a funny story. Years ago, I was living in Northern Spain, and becoming a somewhat decent Spanish speaker out of necessity. One of the funny and colorful idiomatic Spanish phrases I learned there was this:

"La mona, aunque se vista de seda, la mona se queda."

Translated to English, it states that "A monkey, although it may be dressed in a silk suit, is still a monkey."

The correlation?

Meg Whitman -- even though she has over 1 billion dollars of money from Ebay -- is still Meg Whitman.

The candidate who is morally "squishy" and has difficulty defining right and wrong.
The candidate who gave money to our enemies.
The candidate who has no previous experience in government.
The candidate who showed no previous interest in politics.
The candidate who didn't vote for a single other GOP candidate for the last 28 years.

On November 2nd, I will return the favor.
The box next to her name will remain blank.