Sunday, August 22, 2010

City bans declawing, yet stiffs Veterinarians on bills

With the Los Angeles City Council... there is always a belief that you have seen it all with them.
They are, after all, the worst of the worst.

And yet, they always seem to find a way to surprise you.

In a troubling sign of the pure madness, and the outrageous hypocrisy that is at the basic nature of the L.A. City Council, comes this little ditty from the L.A. Daily News.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, it seems that World-Class freedom stealers like Paul Koretz can hop on their high horse of moral indignation and fantasize that they have the right to ban the practice of declawing cats.
Because they know what is best for everyone. Especially the little kitties.

That is why Paul Koretz has earned the derisive nickname :

And now comes word from the Daily News that even though moral hypocrites and phonies like Koretz can demand a ban on declawing, when it comes time to pay the bills for neutering animals.. (yes, that's right... the City wants that surgery done on those precious kitties....) ... it seems that the City is not interested in paying their bills for this service.

Local veterinarians are refusing to accept City vouchers for this surgery on cats because the City doesn't pay its bills.

Remember, with hypocrite liberals it is always:
Do as I say...not as I do!

Would someone please inform the limousine liberal from the 5th District that it is now time for him to shut his yap and hop into his limo and drive away..???