Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Trouble with Carly

I have already made clear in a previous blog post that I do not intend to vote for Meg Whitman for Governor.
I won't be voting against her, I just feel that she is unjustified in seeking support from the very same people she refused to support in the past. Like George W. Bush, loyalty is extremely important to me. You have to know who your friends are. Your enemies will always self-identify themselves.

Just because Meg Whitman comes around waving her millions of dollars at the voters - no, that doesn't get me interested. I still see a low-quality candidate with a troubling lack of moral clarity.

Now, in addition to the Meg problem, the GOP is now also burdened with Carly Fiorina... yet another candidate I find troubling and difficult to support. Carly, at least, has been a part of the team ...she campaigned for John McCain in 2008 and spoke at the 2008 Republican National Convention. She had been a vocal supporter of McCain in 2008, but to me this was counteracted by the fact that she admitted in her primary debates that she didn't vote for Tom Campbell when he ran against Dianne Feinstein in 2000.

Fiorina claims to hold Conservative views, but she is basically another big-government RINO like Whitman.
When Fiorina runs ads saying things like "Conservatives like us.." I always feel as though I have stepped on an electrical wire. My other complaints against Fiorina...

1) Again, her vote against Campbell is very troublesome.

2) Like Meg Whitman, she refused to vote for many years, showing her true lack of support of other Republican candidates.

3) Fiorina has issued some statements of fawning praise towards Islam, a religion I consider to be a violent and dangerous threat to world security. This leads me to believe her support of Israel would probably be weak or half-hearted.

4) Fiorina was caught on an open mic making shrill comments about Barbara Boxers hair and making backhanded comments about Sean Hannity. Videos like this conjure up the "B" word in the minds of voters.

5) During the primary, Fiorina made some backhanded slaps at Chuck DeVore, who I consider to be a great Conservative. Fiorina's comments made her look petty and condescending.

6) Fiorina has not been vocal enough about her opposition to Sotomayor or Kagan being named to the Supreme Court. Their presence there is a threat to Americas future.

7) Like McCain, Fiorina is a big-government RINO who will vote for TARP and other hideous programs. At least Chuck DeVore would have opposed this type of aggression against taxpayers.

8) Unlike Meg Whitman, who gave money to everyone, including Barbara Boxer, Fiorina has been less than generous when it comes to her wealth. Carly gave to McCain , but almost nobody else.

10) Fiorina has been less than forthcoming about her support or opposition to some crucial subjects.

Now, for all the criticism I heap on Fiorina, there is room for a small amount of praise.
Fiorina claims to be Conservative.

She has expressed Conservative views on a few crucial subjects.
She says she is against gay marriage.
She seems to be against the global warming nonsense.
Fiorina started out as a secretary in the business world and worked her way to the top of the corporate ladder.
That shows me drive and dedication.

Overall, though, I am inclined not to support her.
Much like with Whitman, my litmus test is
1) Are they team players/good Republicans? and
2) Would they support me if our positions were reversed?

With Whitman, the answers were No and No. With Fiorina, I get to 50%. Kind of.

The most pressing reason for voting for Fiorina is because Barbara Boxer is just so awful.

The defeat of Boxer is so crucial, and the possibility of flipping control in the Congress is so intensely important, that I might be forced to pull the lever for a RINO.