Sunday, August 1, 2010

Krekorian: L.A.'s most devious Councilman

Well, by now some of you may have heard that City Councilman Paul Krekorian pulled off a maneuver recently that is done only in the rarified air of the truly corrupt political figure.

Krekorian voted to approve an amending motion to matters submitted concerning the REAP program.

The he turned around and asked for another vote and voted against it.

Pure scumbag move. Corrupt politician.

City Activist Zuma Dogg went crazy about it on his blog.

Krekorian is truly one of L.A.s most devious and dangerous Councilmen.

I knew this was coming. A politician who is willing to give the middle finger to the voters of the 43rd Assembly District just months after they elected him has no character, no pride, and no shame.

Morally bankrupt. He will do anything.

I warned voters not to vote for him. They didn't listen.

I warned them that in voting for Krekorian, they would be choosing a residency-averse, state-bankrupting, job-abandoning, opportunity-chasing, career-climbing, tantrum-throwing, profanity-using, hypocrisy-displaying, prisoner-releasing, freedom-stealing, budget-destroying Socialist .

Now, they suffer under the reign of terror of this corrupt tyrant.