Friday, August 20, 2010

Cardenas indictment, Pleasant slams Higby, Cummins still nutty, Sleeper gets paid

Many thanks to former Mayoral Candidate Walter Moore for uncovering more scams and dishonesty from our elected leaders here in L.A. The Spring Street 15 truly are the gang that couldn't shoot straight.

Cardenas has diverted $50,000 of taxpayer money to pay for his sisters company to have a "Low Rider Car Show" ... in Guadalajara Mexico!!
To quote Moore from the article : "WTF!!"

This is exactly the type of cheap pimp trick that gets people investigated and indicted.
And Tony Cardenas is nothing but a cheap pimp.
Sadly, he wishes he could be a career criminal mastermind -- like Richard Alarcon.
Maybe they can share a cell in prison.
Because that's where they are both headed.

Funny how she called him "Son of Sam" in the column, but we'll get to the real killers in just a minute.

Pleasant is actually quite the repulsive person, and doesn't mind alienating people.

In a funny story I wrote on Mayor Sam's blog, I mentioned how Betty Pleasant had told me to tell Michael Higby that "he can kiss my black ass!"... except that I chose to edit out the word "black" because I felt it made Pleasant look bad.

As it turns out, Betty Pleasant doesn't need my help. She clearly doesn't mind making a fool out of herself at every opportunity. Her repugnant column in the Wave newspaper, in which she says "This is black folks business", clearly self-identifies her as being a racist. She talks about race in nearly every sentence, including using the phrase "white media". Pleasant is not pleasant at all. She's a creep.

In other news, it looks like Internet stalker Mary Cummins is up to her usual tricks.
The "friend of the furry" took some serious offense to something I said in a Mayor Sam article many months ago. I made a passing reference to her fraudulent sexual harassment suit against the City and Ed Boks.

As you can see from the photos above, she is quite the sassy young lady.
She didn't care for my comments about her and has haunted internet boards ever since.
I had to end comments on my own blog because she was so nutty.
Thank God she can go unload on me on Mayor Sam... and I don't have to read her comments anymore.

Many other bloggers in the blogosphere have received angry emails from her.
However, we have also received emails from her former co-workers describing how Mary defrauded the City.
How Ed Boks was her "boyfriend" and the lawsuit only came after things went sour between them.
Ugly stuff. Stay tuned for more.....

Speaking of the undeserving getting paid off.....

There is this amazing news from the LA Weekly. One of those things that just makes you so happy that you have a City government looking out for you.

It turns out that the "Grim Sleeper" serial killer Lonnie Franklin Jr. was actually just like City Council Members and living off the taxpayers money.

Yep, the "Grim Sleeper" defrauded the City just like Mary and was getting paid for being disabled.
Evidently, his disability didn't stop him from murdering 10 women in South LA over the last 20 years.

Maybe someday we will have leadership in this City that is actually competent, but I'm not optimistic.

Hopefully public outrage will help get this deviant off the public payroll.
I can't think of a better poster boy for the death penalty. ( I support capital punishment)

I hope a judge and jury fry that scumbag and save the City $1 million in pension payments.