Friday, August 19, 2011

Allen West: "Maxine Waters is a 21st Century Plantation Overseer"

Here is a terrific clip from Florida Congressman Allen West. He is basically saying something that should have been said long ago.

Democratic policies do not help the African-American community.
They only encourage the further dependency and destruction of black families.

Allen West refers to himself as a modern day "Harriet Tubman" trying to led black people away from this horrible situation. And he calls out Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson as sellouts. He calls them"Plantation Overseers" who are there not to lead blacks, but to pacify them and keep them voting Democrat.

He is 100% correct about that.
You never hear other black leaders challenging the Democratic Party or threatening to leave it.

She is betraying her voters by not demanding results from Obama.

Maxine Waters is one of the worst elected officials in America.
Her voters should be embarrassed that they voted her into power.