Friday, August 5, 2011

Leaving the United Nations Behind

One of my Facebook friends made a good point today by mentioning how awful the United Nations has become. What started out as a good idea has pretty much become a bad joke.

There are too many countries in this world that are run by madmen and dictators. In the UN they get an equal vote to America or Great Britain or Israel. That fact, in itself, is stunning.

Hugo Chavez came to America to address the UN and called George W. Bush "the devil". The other UN member nations? They responded with polite applause.

This same UN is filled with representatives from Arab countries who continue to denounce Israel as a "monster" and an "occupier".

This is the same Israel that gives the Arab citizens in their country more freedom than in any other Arab country on earth.

My plan, should it ever come to pass, is to have the United States withdraw completely from the United Nations. The wording of our withdrawal documents will state that we are leaving because the organization is "filled with lawless dictators who do not respect human rights".

The document would also explain that the UN has become Anti-American, Anti-Western, Anti-Semitic, and Anti-Democratic. There are rogue states who are allowed voting privileges when they do not allow their own citizens to vote!

Chew on that one, liberals.

I would suggest they move the United Nations to Brussels.

The mad dictators can have their little America Hate-fest over there.

We have no need for it.