Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Big 3

I believe we are down to "The Big 3" in this GOP Presidential Nomination process.

It is getting very late for anyone else to jump into the campaign. Only two people...Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and Sarah Palin... have the potential to jump in late and have an effect on the process. But it is looking more and more with each passing day that they are not inclined to do so.

That leaves us - for the moment - with the "Big 3".

Romney, Bachmann, and Perry.

Romney is the moderate choice. The RINO in the crowd. He will have his supporters and he will probably win New Hampshire...but he is going to get killed in Iowa and South Carolina, damaging his overall chances.

Southerners are not going to vote for a Massachusetts Mormon.

I predict that Rick Perry will win South Carolina and also win the majority of delegates on Super Tuesday and he will become the eventual GOP nominee in 2012.

There seems to be a momentum swelling towards Perry, made up primarily of GOP voters who are afraid of Obama winning another four years. For these voters, Perry looks and feels like the safest bet possible.