Friday, August 12, 2011

GOP Debate in Iowa

I'll be very brief with my analysis of the debate last night.

Romney was steady and kept his lead. Bachmann was great and Newt Gingrich helped himself out a bit.

Pawlenty is done. Bachmann wiped the floor with him. He'll drop out after the first few primaries. He was always running for Vice President, anyway.

Some poor individuals didn't even get to speak. Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson got dissed at previous debates by not being asked any questions. And he didn't get to appear here, either. Congressman Thaddeus McCotter had to endure the indignity of sitting outside in his car during the debate. That won't help his chances.

The reason I'm being very brief about this debate is the expected arrival of Texas Governor Rick Perry into this race starting tomorrow. There is a movement of momentum towards Perry right now as many are dissatisfied with the field right now. I personally think that Bachmann is the only candidate worth voting for right now. But I am supporting Rick Perry when he enters the race this week.

I think most of the candidates need to drop out when Perry announces.

I think we are down to three: Romney, Perry, and Bachmann.

And, of course, that popular woman from Alaska who keeps hanging around on the sidelines....