Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The High Water Mark

Last night the country changed a little bit.

Leftist Democrats, who were incensed about the dismantling of the government stranglehold over multiple public services, tried to recall multiple Republican State Senators in Wisconsin.

Teachers and Labor Unions had previously been able to dictate terms to the taxpayers for many years through their combination of size, use of force, and threats to the well-being of others. Once the Teachers Unions seized control, education wasn't about education anymore.

Wisconsinites had finally had enough. They voted against this situation.

This led to months of angry protests by teachers and their unions who thought they had eliminated the possibility of any teacher ever being fired for any reason whatsoever.
Cutbacks were unacceptable, they said.

They tried to have several State Senators recalled in order to reverse the course the current Governor had set them on.... the path to a balanced budget and sane policies.

It didn't work. They failed.

I think the left has finally hit their high water mark. Along with the certain defeat of President Obama in 2012, the left may be out of power for a decade or more.

Obamacare was the peak of the wave. It angered a sleeping public who are now intent on throwing a majority of elected officials out of office.

The wave broke and rolled back on them.

It is the beginning of the end of government monopolies on services.

The fact that it started with the common-sense folk of Wisconsin doesn't surprise me at all.