Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Can Jose Huizar really be this dumb?

And this is not a rhetorical question!

City Councilman Jose Huizar has been involved with the supervising and licensing of various marijuana dispensaries across the City of Los Angeles for several years now.

He and his fellow Totalitarian Democrats on the Council have conspired to try and legislate their way into everyones lives, non-stop, for multiple years now. Included in their devious schemes was the lottery system to decide who could and could not open and operate a marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles. But this is all coming to an end because the City of Long Beach recently lost a lawsuit filed by a dispensary owner that said they had no right to control or license the dispensaries because marijuana is still a Federally prohibited substance. This sets a legal precedent that the City of Los Angeles would lose a similar lawsuit and have no control over the dispensary business. And that is completely unacceptable to the Council.

In a snit of anger, petulant crybaby Jose Huizar will go to the Council tomorrow and suggest a total ban on medical marijuana dispensaries.

To quote the regal Huizar "I hereby ban thee!"

Jose Huizar went to Princeton and UCLA Law School. With that educational background, how is it possible that he could be this dumb?

First of all, I have said here before on The Jennerjahn Report that I don't agree with the Federal Government trying to dictate which naturally occurring plants are legal and which are illegal. It is like the famous quote about trying to control the speed of light with a bullwhip. It violates Natural Law and just cannot be done in a free society.

Secondly, the City is just buying themselves a bunch of expensive lawsuits from dispensary owners. The City of Los Angeles can't have it both ways. If you license and permit the dispensaries, you cannot turn around and ban them. This is the problem the ignorant and shortsighted Council members failed to understand when they got into meddling in this area in the first place. Licensing the dispensaries gave them legitimacy. They are most likely here to stay.

The hypocrisy, stupidity, and arrogance involved in trying to shut them down now is mind-bending. But not unexpected.

These clowns on the LA City Council have no love for freedom. They only desire more power and control over others. It's a sickness with them. Jan Perry (The Hamburglar) wants to control the diets of her fat, dumb, and lazy voters by controlling which fast food joints can and cannot open new stores in South Central. Paul Koretz (The Cat Whisperer) wants to control every interaction between pet owners and their little kitties....especially banning the practice of declawing cats. Paul Krekorian (The Dark Lord) has visions of dominion and control over others that are so sinister and all-encompassing that I will not list them here on this blog.

Medical marijuana activists have told me that they much more admired the stand of former Councilman Greig Smith, who hated the idea and let them know it from the start. They saved time and effort by never stopping by his office to chat about it.

Smith took a moral stand, and stuck with it.

They are puzzled and stunned by the sudden betrayal by Huizar.

He is the Marcus Junius Brutus to the dispensary owners.

And today, he will try to inflict a mortal wound.