Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More lunacy from our idiot Mayor

The headlines today in the Daily News are difficult to understand.

Our idiot Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa has not only refused to remove the "Occupy LA" crowd from city property, but now he is actively trying to "cut a deal" with these people to pick up and move to a different location.

As part of the bribe, the article says that land and buildings are being offered. A spokesman for the Mayor says they can't comment on these "negotiations".

Horror. Pure horror.

The occupiers have succeeded in showing that lawlessness will be tolerated by this City Administration. Other cities have shut down the occupy movement with arrests and pepper spray. But not here. Not L.A.

If I had been elected Mayor in March 2009, this protest would have been over in just a few days. I would have ordered police to remove these people using force. Any other reaction to this situation invites future chaos, disorder, and anarchy.

Todays news makes my defeat in the 2009 Mayoral election all the more unsettling.