Thursday, November 17, 2011

Did Barack Obama save us from 8 years of Hillary Clinton?

Here's an interesting subject to debate.

As awful as Barack Obama is... did he actually do the GOP a favor by saving us from 8 years of President Hillary Clinton?

For the life of me, I will never understand how the Democrats could have thrown Hillary Clinton under the bus for Barack Obama. Not that I like Hillary (I don't) but she had probably the best resumé and the best chance for a political party to put a woman in the White House since women were given the right to vote in 1920. Clinton had lived in the White House for eight years and knew most of the world leaders on a first name basis. She was arguably one of the three or four most famous women in the world. She had served admirably as a U.S. Senator for eight more years.

Instead, the Democrats proved to the world that for them, sexism was more important and powerful for them than racism.

They chose a "community organizer" from Chicago. A man who organized thugs to terrorize banks and demand things from them that they didn't work for or deserve. A man with a shady past filled with shady, and criminal characters. Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright....

I've always made my dislike for the President obvious. He is a looter.
He has never worked to build anything of value...only to steal value from those who created it.

He is a perfect Federal Employee, to put it bluntly.

He has exploded our current Federal Debt to $15 Trillion dollars.

But with all the obvious damage he has done to our country, has he actually done the GOP a favor? I believe that his Socialist ideology has made him repulsive to many Americans, and made him very beatable in the 2012 elections.

Compare this to a possible President Hillary Clinton.

Clinton had the ear of one of the best political strategists on earth, her husband Bill.

There is no way that Clinton would have rammed through Health Care without allowing anyone to read it first. That was a Nancy Pelosi trick. There is no way that President Hillary Clinton would have exploded the budget deficit to $15 Trillion dollars. She may have expanded the debt, but done it gradually in a way that did not attract so much attention.

President Hillary Clinton would not have thrown Israel under the bus, as she knows how much her Jewish Democratic supporters and donors would not have appreciated those actions.

To put it bluntly, even with a struggling economy, a President Hillary Clinton would have taken a much more moderate and compromising path towards governing this country. She would have been much more difficult for the Republicans to defeat in 2012 than Barack Obama... the radical lefty who wants to Socialize America.