Thursday, November 3, 2011

Has Villaraigosa screwed us all?

Despite his extra-marital proclivities, the title of this blog post is not a cheap double entendre.

I was recently talking to an activist friend who says that Villaraigosa may have bought this City an entire years worth of troubles. How, you ask...?

I guess that the State of California has "squatters rights" laws on the books.

If this source is correct, then the squatters, who are using adverse possession to Occupy Los Angeles City Hall, may be obtaining legal grounds to stay.

My source believes that adverse possession of the property for 30 continuous days gives them the legal right to be there for the length of one year.

Can this be right? Calling Walter Moore!!

I only attended law school and am not a bar-certified attorney, but I would imagine someone at City Hall has got to have the common sense to prevent this from happening.

This whole thing is insanity.

Villaraigosa should have turned loose the tear gas and fire hoses a long time ago.