Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Pathetic Mayor to finally evict Dirty Hippies at Midnight

This should be good.

After months of allowing protesters to blatantly violate the law, Mayor Villaraigosa has finally come to his senses. Seeing that other Mayors have had the courage to evict protesters from public property in various cities has finally made Villaraigosa realize that he is the most pathetic, and weakest Mayor in America.

Sensing jeopardy to his future political ambitions, the Mayor was forced to make a decision to evict the Occupy LA crowd from the front lawn of City Hall.

The fact that the Occupy LA crowd could never clearly explain why they were protesting didn't help their cause. Their cause was always kind of vague. Something about the world being "unfair".

I have stated before that if I had been elected Mayor in 2009, these protesters would have been gone long ago. Tear gas, fire hoses... whatever it takes. Villaraigosa allowing this to go on for two months is just pure anarchy. But that is no surprise coming from this ethically-challenged Mayor who cheated in the 2009 elections.