Monday, January 4, 2010

Defeating Diane Watson in 2010.

I have committed my entire year of 2010 towards the goal of defeating the incumbent Congresswoman in the 33rd Congressional District of California, Diane Watson.

Some may view this attempt as foolhardy, others would probably consider it suicidal.

I'm a Conservative Republican who is running in a District where 82% of the voters are registered Democrats.

The odds for success are not high, but true leaders...the ones who change the world, don't take these factors into account when they make their decisions.

People like George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mohandas K. Gandhi faced odds that seemed not only astronomical, but also a bit suicidal.

But these true leaders understood something that other men didn't.
They knew that you don't pick a fight because it is convenient.
You don't choose sides in a struggle based on whether or not you have the better chances for victory.

We already have far too many leaders here who do just that.

You choose your battles based on the certainty that you are absolutely, positively right.

I am 100% certain that Diane Watson is one of the worst elected leaders in American history.
She received a rating of "4" out of 100 by the ACU. She does almost nothing.
Her biggest achievements are naming Post Offices after deceased performers.

Her adulation and praise for Communist dictator Fidel Castro is troublesome.
Her Socialist/Communist ideologies are job-killers and economy destroyers.

Diane Watson is a Dangerous Enemy of Freedom.

Sometime this week I'll be taking a trip to the County Recorder/Clerks Office in Norwalk.

I'm going to pick a fight.

Wish me luck.