Monday, January 18, 2010

Mayor Sam says goodbye

In the most recent post on the popular local political blog Mayor Sam, founder and chief editor Michael Higby announces that he is going to end the blog for now. He doesn't give any specific reasons for ending the blog, but he thanks all the former contributors and tells readers that it was a great ride while it lasted.

If it is true that Mayor Sam is ending, this comes as very disappointing news. But Michael Higby has every right to do as he pleases. He accomplished something that is a true rarity in the media. He turned his own personal blog into the most important political hotspot in town. Most City officials would never admit it, but most of them read Mayor Sam every a minimum, just to make sure they were not the top story. His blog was such a force that it sponsored a debate where 5 of the 10 candidates for Mayor were present. Unprecedented.
It was the little blog that became a monster influence in the City of Los Angeles.

Higby and Mayor Sam broke many news scoops that major media outlets failed to investigate.
Political junkies soon came to realize that reading Mayor Sam gave them a head start when it came to addressing problems here in the City...or avoiding them. Followers of City politics will face a huge void if Mayor Sam goes away, but Higby notes that there are other local blogs who do a decent job of covering local events.

Instead of criticizing Michael Higby for ending the blog, I'd like to praise him for what he accomplished in the five years he ran it. I really enjoyed working for Mayor Sam and I will always be grateful to Michael Higby for the opportunity he gave me to be a part of the political journalism landscape here in L.A.

In fact, I think I will ask the City Council Members for one of their patented time-wasting, hot-air blasting Certificate of Appreciation presentation ceremonies down at City Hall.

The City owes Michael Higby at least that much.