Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Update: Krekorian continues Socialist ways

A rather disturbing development as Michael Higby over at the Mayor Sam Blog continues his fanboy behavior in supporting Budget-destroying Socialist Paul Krekorian. Recent events have exposed Krekorians NIMBY-like tendencies in his attempts to rule over CD 2 like some sort of pocket-sized dictator.

But hey...it's a free country, and if CD 2 prefers a Council Member who stands in the way of progress and says you may not cut down trees or widen roads, well.... who am I to argue?

I guess that Home Depot might have potentially delivered jobs to a City that is currently standing at about 18% unemployment. Good thing Joe B and his band of troublemakers got in the way.

One side note for Sunland-Tujunga residents: The economic devastation of liberal government, when played out in its entirety, ends up with all cities looking like Detroit , Michigan.

Large blocks of abandoned land have been reverted to a natural state. Wildlife can be seen running around inside the City. And the trees, in the long run, will be safe from the humans.

Here's a peek at the future for Los Angeles residents who, like Higby, prefer Socialist leaders.