Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Freedom Hating Liberals at City Hall

The folks over at the Mayor Sam blog seem to have taken issue with the fact that I don't appreciate the Socialist nonsense coming out of City Hall. I have become fond of using the phrase "Freedom-Hating Liberal" to describe many of the City officials because that is exactly what they are. They all make a big show about proclaiming to be concerned with the freedoms of others, but when it comes right down to it, they want you to do exactly what they want!

Michael Higby , Joe B., Paul Krekorian and some of the other eco-warriors up in Sunland-Tujunga seem to prefer that we get around using a horse and buggy. They don't want trees cut down, or roads widened.
And they certainly don't want the progress, jobs, or goods and services of a Home Depot.

That's a shame, because they are infringing on the rights of other residents to have access to those those services. They are also infringing on the rights of that corporation to build new stores and create new markets where none currently exist.

It's very similar to the previous nonsensical ravings of "Comrade" Jan Perry.
Perry decided that she would be the ultimate decider on food issues for her Ninth District residents. In Perrys esteemed opinion, her residents were too fat, stupid , and lazy to be trusted to make wise decisions regarding their own food consumption. Perry would need to be be the ultimate decider for her unhealthy residents.

Perry tried to have all new fast food establishments banned in the Ninth District.
No Freedom for you, Ninth voters! Comrade Jan has spoken!

More Freedom Hating from Tom Le Bonge: He won't allow smokers to smoke at outdoor patios at restaurants who specifically had set those areas up to comply with previous freedom-hating rules by the City and State. This just drives business to other surrounding areas and reduces income for City restaurants.

Paul Koretz couldn't wait to get in on the Freedom-stealing and decided that residents of L.A. no longer have the right to get their cats declawed. What!!?? How, exactly is that a government issue?

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa decided that shippers at the Port of Los Angeles needed to pay billions in new fees to buy his union buddies new trucks. The shippers decided otherwise - and sent billions in business to other ports, crippling dockworkers jobs and hobbling the economy in Los Angeles.

I agree with Michael Higby's Mayor Sam blog on one thing.
There is some shark-jumping going on here in Los Angeles, that's for sure.
But not by me.