Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The People vs. Craig X. Rubin

Former Mayoral Candidate Craig X. Rubin appears in court this morning to answer charges that could put him in prison for several years. I covered this story in the past for the Mayor Sam Blog, but Craig was given a "holiday delay" and his case was pushed back into 2010.

Rubin will be in court this morning, Wednesday, January 6th at 8:30 AM at the Airport Court building at 11701 S. La Cienega.

I have stated before that I am no fan of the pot shops springing up all over town, but I am even more concerned with our government creating a totalitarian state. A government that has the power to declare Marijuana illegal then has the same power to declare tomatoes or onions to be illegal also. It concerns me because declaring a naturally occurring substance to be illegal violates inherent laws of nature. The laws against Marijuana have always been about controlling human behavior. The laws have nothing to do with the plant itself.

Rubin will be presenting an argument that his actions were protected under Californias "Compassionate Use" Act - Prop 215. The result of 215 was, basically, that it just about made marijuana legal here in California because the law was so poorly written and lacked definition.

One other interested observer is former Mayoral Candidate David Saltsburg, who usually refers to himself by his nickname "Zuma Dogg". Rubin and Zuma Dogg got into a personality dispute during the Mayoral race, and the dispute seems to never have been cleared up. There are obviously still some hard feelings between the two former rivals.

Zuma Dogg noted the irony in the current situation, in which Rubin is the one who could be facing time in jail or prison.

"It's Karma," stated Zuma Dogg.