Friday, January 22, 2010

Matt Szabo - He'll save every one of us!!

Disturbing news yet again today coming out of the headlines in the L.A. Daily News. In a recent article by writer Rick Orlov, the true depth of the despair of the City of Los Angeles becomes evident. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa makes it clear that he is not interested in having the City file for bankruptcy. Unfortunately for residents of Los Angeles like myself, the Mayor lives in a fantasy world where his years of giving undeserved payoffs and kickbacks to his buddies in the labor unions never ends up with any negative outcome or blowback.

The truth is that bankruptcy and the annihilation of all those dishonest, unrealistic, and untenable City contracts/pensions is probably the only way out of this mess now. All because our Mayor is pathologically dishonest and doesn't want to face the music or the wrath of his union henchmen.

The most disturbing line of the article?

"This Mayor has no interest in going down the road to bankruptcy," said Deputy Mayor Matt Szabo, who has been assigned the task of developing the overall financial strategy for the city.

Matt Szabo? The guy who used to run and get coffee for Richard Riordan?

News like this should be a loud and clear call to citizens.
Abandon ship! Abandon ship!!

Matt Szabo. Along with the current Mayor and City Council??!!
Chance are not good. But who knows? Maybe he'll save every one on us.

If you will excuse me, I'm going to go listen to some soundtrack music from the 1980 movie Flash Gordon....

MATT! Ah-ahhhh
Savior of the Universe!!
MATT! Ah-ahhhhhh
He'll save every one of us!!