Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pension Crisis in Los Angeles

To quote my friend Zuma Dogg, "CITIZEN ALERT!! VOTER ALERT!!"
The pension crisis in Los Angeles is threatening to destroy any type of budgetary planning that the City is working towards.

Watch this video. I don't particularly care to hear some of the things Julie Butcher is saying.
The assessment of $37K /year for average pension benefits as "poverty" is more than ridiculous.
"The average City Worker doesn't retire very young", Butcher says.

I think that is baloney.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who live and work here in Los Angeles who don't even make that much money and they work full time. Yet they have money taken out of their pockets to cover the expenses of people who are not working.

City workers and Unions have been voting themselves excessive benefits and pensions for quite some time.
It stems from the liberal mindset of "entitlement" that is so destructive that it has managed to nearly destroy U.S. cities like Detroit.

Thanks to my good friend Jose Aguilar for the video and for asking the tough questions.

The City cannot afford to continue down this path.