Saturday, January 9, 2010

President Rick Perry - 2012

My current prediction is that Texas Governor Rick Perry will become the next President of the United States.
I firmly believe this for several reasons.

1) I believe Barack Obama will mismanage this country into a state of crisis. He has never been in charge of anything, and so far has put a lot of lunatics - nutty liberals, communists and radicals - in charge of government departments. By 2012, the GOP will easily be able to advertise Obama as incompetent and unqualified.
The results will speak for themselves.

2) Any nominee the GOP puts forward will be a heavy favorite. The crushed economy will not create happy voters in 2012.

3) People who believe in States Rights have a champion in Governor Perry. He realizes the FED has gone too far and is not shy about saying so.

4) He is a tough-talking Conservative with a big set of brass cajones. Voters admire tough leadership. Perry will provide that in 2012.

I believe he will run and he will win.
I look forward to working on his campaign.