Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I am AGAINST Meg Whitman

I think I have made it clear between my Twitter comments and my Facebook page that I am against Meg Whitman being elected Governor of California. My reasons are fairly simple. Meg Whitman is the wrong person for the GOP to be supporting. For many reasons. She would be another Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a self-centered egomaniac who felt such a sense of entitlement that he ran for Governor of California without ever having held any type of elected position before. He won, and California has been paying for that mistake. He gave us the biggest tax raises in California history. I felt it was fairly obvious that his "Conservatism" was fake... he is married to an ultra-liberal from the Kennedy family. So his political views don't even enter into his personal life...always a dangerous sign of a phony. I am quite proud to say that I didn't vote for Schwarzenegger either time he was up for election.

I would prefer that a candidate for Governor have a track record of success in politics. You don't give one of the top ten political jobs in the world to a total rookie. Look at what is happening in the White House. The voters gave the job to a man who had never been in charge of anything. How did they think that was going to work out? No...a Governor should be a former Mayor or other high-level elected official with a track record of success. That way you are not buying a pig in a poke, and have some quantifiable measure of the persons skills and leadership.

The criticisms of Whitman are fairly obvious:

1) She did not vote for 28 years. This shows a total lack of interest in the political process itself. This is a character trait that should worry voters.

2) She gave money to the enemy. She donated to Barbara Boxer. There is no way supporters of Whitman can spin this. She gave money to the enemy. Someone we are trying to defeat right now.

3) Everything about her campaign has to be "controlled" -- which is usually a sign of an incompetent, unprepared candidate. Another warning sign.

4) She is not a Conservative. She supports abortion and is weak on immigration. Not the type of Candidate our party should be supporting.

Unfortunately, Whitman has a rabid following with a certain sector of the GOP. I don't understand what they are thinking. Whitman is just a big pile of money with no character and no leadership. She hadn't ever been a part of the process at all. At any level. Why put her at the lead?! It is a recipe for disaster.

Her supporters say "She has the money...She can win!"
I say "Who cares?!" Money is not character. Whitman got lucky being CEO of EBay at a time when internet companies took off. Plenty of people in Silicon Valley made a fortune as the world went digital. The kid who invented Facebook is 26 years old and is now worth 4 BILLION dollars. Maybe he should be Governor. "He has the money... he can win!" Do you realize how ridiculous that is?

And I'm not saying these things because I'm a big fan of Steve Poizner. No . Not at all.
Poizner has many flaws also. He gave money to Al Gore and the recount.
He has some bad positions.
However, he has been elected to a position and actually cut the departments budget, which is a plus in my book. He also says he will get tough on illegal immigration, which costs our state billions every year.
I'm not sold on Poizner, but right now he's looking like the lesser of two evils.

I know that Miller and Naritelli are more Conservative, but they don't have the money to compete against two billionaires. Money is not character, but if you can't even get the money to get your name out to the voters, you don't stand much of a chance.

Poizner was endorsed by Tom McClintock... the man who should have been Governor instead of Schwarzenegger. That means something to me. I will probably end up voting for Poizner.

Whitman is a phony and she has to be stopped.