Thursday, May 27, 2010

SCNC voter ALERT!!: STOP Sarkin & Neumann!!

As I mentioned before in an earlier blog, the Studio City Neighborhood Council recently, in a fit of temper, voted out Michael McCue, a member who had previously been elected to this organization by the voting public.

In my opinion, this makes the SCNC a lawless, rogue organization.
They should have their City charter revoked.

Anytime that someone decides that they are going to overturn the will of the voters and reverse the results of a free election, they are revealing their true tyrannical nature. They are displaying their inner love of despotism.

Ben Neumann is a punk. He will extend his little tyranny about as far as it can go... which isn't far because SCNC doesn't have any real power. But Neumann will do his best to make others miserable in his little corner of the world. I saw the way he treated dissenting opinion. He fits right in with the Stalins and the Mao Tse Tungs of the world. He has no problem trampling all over your personal freedoms, because in his sick, twisted little don't have any freedom.

Lisa Sarkin has proven herself to be an Extremely Dangerous Enemy of Freedom. At a previous meeting she was content to tell the proletariat voters of Studio City that they "have no right to have an opinion!"
That went over really well....Sarkin was booed about as loudly as Mayor Villaraigosa at any public event lately.

Sarkin is evidently not content with deciding who can and cannot have an opinion. Recently I caught wind of the fact that she is trying to decide who can and can not have certain sized houses ..???!!!! OK, Comrade Lisa.
I've heard enough.

Sarkin needs to go. Neumann too.

Please email this blog to any Studio City voters you know.

And while they are at it, they might want to get rid of Ethics Violator John Walker.
If he can commit ethics violations and support tyranny like this... he isn't of any use to SCNC voters.