Monday, May 17, 2010

Working on Campaign, Recall

I haven't been posting too much on my blog in the last few days. I've been busy with my campaign and with the Recall. Made tons of phone calls today about the Recall.

Petitions are getting mailed out to thousands of more people in the next two weeks. We raised more money for printing expenses and David Hernandez is trying to get people in Arizona to contribute. That pinhead Council Member Ed Reyes made some really anti-police statements that should help us get police unions in Arizona excited about getting rid of him. Ed Reyes might be the next person we file a recall against. David is already working on the paperwork concerning that.

I see that Mayor Sam and it's non-stop lunatic comments poster Mary Cummins had nothing better to do with their weekend than bash me all over the internet.
So be it. Let them have their fun while they can.

Things are working out for me just fine.

In fact, I think I am going to win my primary in a few weeks.