Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stopping Socialism and Communism

I am committed to a political philosophy of stopping Socialism and Communism in America. They are dangerous leftist ideologies that always result in the government using massive force and threats against their own citizens.

Obamacare is Socialism. The government wants to force you to buy health insurance.
Where do they think they have the right to do something as Un-constitutional as that?
The bill was not about health care. It never has been.
Health Care was just an excuse to give the leftists more power. The power to demand and control aspects of the medical and health services industries. Most voters don't understand it, but this is one of the most dangerous things our government has ever done!

How can you possibly take a chance on voting against tyranny, when those same tyrants control your access to health care? It's so disturbing that I cannot fathom what people are doing voting for any Democrat ever again.

We must elect Constitutional Conservatives who will reign in the supersonic growth of government power that we have witnessed during the Obama Administration.

I am one of those Conservatives committed to saving this nation.

Karen Bass? Not so much.

Pure Socialist. Job killer. Economy destroyer.