Friday, May 28, 2010

Please donate to ($)

We have hundreds of signed petitions at the Recall offices. We have thousands of signatures. But that is not enough. Having the website has been a good thing, but not everyone in the world has a computer and a printer. We have received many phone calls from people who don't have printers or don't know how to get this done.

Within days of beginning the Recall, we realized that many of the older voters who have been calling us don't even use a computer. We decided that we need to be more accessible to those voters who are not "high-tech".

After some brainstorming, we came up with a solution. We are going to do a direct mail campaign.

Most of our signed and returned petitions come from the San Fernando Valley, so it is quite obvious that the Mayor is intensely disliked by voters there. We are raising money to cover printing and mailing costs.

Bulk mail rates can get postage down to about 25¢ per piece, so if we raise $50, 000 , then we can get mail pieces out to about 200,000 voters (more or less, calculating printing costs). We plan on covering the San Fernando Valley first, as we have had much success there already. Eventually, we hope to raise enough in donations to be able to hit every household with a Recall petition. Let's see the Mayor laugh at that.

Hitting voters with an explanatory letter, a Recall petition, and a return envelope asking for a donation to continue the campaign should guarantee a decent return rate.

David Hernandez is heading to Arizona to talk to various political leaders there, and also various officers of different Civic groups and Chambers of Commerce. Things are looking good for his visit.

So, to all the haters out there (Joe B. and Mary Cummins), you can stop emailing us now. The Recall is going just fine. Someone made the maximum $1,000 dollar donation yesterday, which guarantees our printing costs to get the first few thousand direct mail pieces out.