Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Candidate Statement - Voter Guide

This is a copy of the candidate statement I had placed in the Official County Voter Guide that gets mailed out to voters starting this week. It is the first time I will have paid for mass-marketing to reach voters.
The statement will appear in the guide as follows:


When I ran for Mayor of Los Angeles in March 2009, I was the strongest voice against Measure B - a solar energy proposal. I went on NBC Channel 4 and declared to the interviewer that Measure B was "organized crime". Measure B was barely defeated at the polls, and that defeat helped save Los Angeles taxpayers 3.6 billion dollars in higher energy costs.

As a member of the Westside Republicans ( , I helped to lead the fight against Proposition 1A - a sneaky plan by the State Legislature to raise taxes. The Westside Republicans helped turn the tide of public opinion against Prop. 1A and it was defeated at the polls, saving California taxpayers 14 billion dollars in higher taxes.

I am currently the leader and organizer of a powerful new movement that seeks to change the leadership structure here in Los Angeles completely. Read about my daring new project at (

Please visit my website ( to watch videos and learn more about me. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

I believe that I am the strongest, most decisive leader on the ballot.

I have been fighting for and defending the rights of taxpayers here in Los Angeles. I am the only candidate who will enact policies that will help lower taxes, cut government spending, and get the economy growing again.

I am the right man for the job.

I ask you to elect me and make me your new Congressman.

Thank You

Phil Jennerjahn