Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Call 911. Stephen Box is killing his chances for victory in CD4.

Well, when you have been involved in politics for a long time, you tend to think you have seen it all. But someway, somehow, someone always finds a way to surprise you.

Here we are, 56 days before the Los Angeles City election. You would think that all the campaigns would be rolling out their heaviest firepower. B-52 air strikes on their opponents.

Or maybe not.

Somebody, call 911 -- because Stephen Box is killing any chances he has of ever getting elected in CD4.

He rolls out this short ad (above). A total piece of fluff!
It says nothing, and accomplishes nothing.

The ad does not explain his issues or tell voters why he is better than Tom La Bonge.
In fact, the ad does almost nothing. Wait, I take that back.
It makes you stare in disbelief and make you wonder what he was thinking.

Why doesn't he just hold up a sign that says "Stephen Box loves puppies, rainbows, and lollipops!"
It would be just about as effective.
Oh, there's a second ad, too. But it makes the first look Oscar-worthy by comparison.

I'm really starting to wonder if Stephen Box has what it takes to win.
If he's going to continue with more of this touchy-feely nonsense, then he might as well just put this video on his website and be done with it.

In comparison, I checked out the web presence of his rival, Tomas O'Grady.
O'Gradys website is phenomenal. With a huge video in the middle of the page where he addresses voters directly and portrays himself in a very honest and disarming manner. There are also high levels of interconnectivity with Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube. And his blog on his website makes intelligent and logical arguments.

Hell, three months ago I was trying to destroy this guy, but now the Irishman is almost starting to make me like him. Almost.

But Tom La Bonge has home field advantage, so he's a full touchdown ahead of O'Grady and Box.
But O'Gradys web presence and Griffith Park Neighborhood Council connections are worth a field goal.

Score: La Bonge 7, O'Grady 3, Box 0.