Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rahm Emanuel for Mayor!!

You might be wondering... why would a Conservative like Phil Jennerjahn support an ultra-liberal like Rahm Emanuel?

The answer? I don't!

I think Emanuel is awful. He's Obama's right hand man and a hachet-job politician. Emanuel once declared at a meeting, in a very Animal House style of speaking, that he wanted his political opponents "Dead!".

Next to Obama, he is one of the absolute worst.

So, why do I say "Rahm Emanuel for Mayor?"

Because I believe that it goes against very American ideas of fairness to not allow him to run for that position.

Emanuel served as a Congressman from a Chicago suburb. That alone shows his intent to serve the voters of the Chicago area. He's no carpetbagger.

But he did leave for two years to serve President Obama. This usually falls under the exemptions to the election code of "military or Federal service" which temporarily takes someone out of their district.

I say let him run.

I also don't believe in residency or age restrictions. What if some brilliant kid in Idaho is actually the best choice of their voters for Congress, but happens to be 24 years old...missing the age mark by one year?

A healthy Democracy needs more candidates not fewer.

Rahm Emanuel for Mayor. Let him run.