Monday, January 3, 2011

A rough start to the New Year is my breakdown of my day on January 1st.

I had great tickets for the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California.

I enjoyed the parade, but felt I got a little screwed because my tickets were about 75 yards away from where they were supposed to be. I was in the shadows, not sunlight, and was about 50 yards too far out of range to be on the television broadcast. And to top it off, a swinging boom arm camera kept getting in the way of all my photos! But, overall, it was still a great experience. I had been to the Parade many times, but had never been close to the TV cameras across from the Norton Simon Museum.

After the Parade, I hiked on foot over to the game and partied at the Badger Blast/Huddle.
Huge crowds of Wisconsin fans were there as Wisconsin had not been back to the Rose Bowl in 10 years.
I bought a ticket outside the game and ended up sitting next to a really great guy who played football for USC back in the 60's. He's now a dentist up in Washington state.

The game was exciting, but the result deflating.
Wisconsin played poorly and lost to TCU, 21-19.
The game was frustrating because Wisconsin should have concentrated more on their dominant running game.
John Clay should have been handed the ball 35 times.

One thing I also really want to address is the poor behavior of the Wisconsin students. They had created a childish taunting chant using obscenities. They thought it was funny. I thought it was childish and I think it makes the school look bad. I hope they will stop doing that in the future.

My new friend the dentist mentioned that when he had played in the USC at Notre Dame games, if anyone was caught doing something like that, "Notre Dame would eject those people from the stadium and they would be banned from coming back". Sadly, I agreed with him.

I was in misery walking out of the Rose Bowl.

The only joy I have right now is that the horrible and evil RINO Schwarzenegger is out of a job now.
So is that dingbat Nancy Pelosi. I predict she will never be back in power.