Thursday, January 6, 2011

Desperate Huizar campaign provides unintentional comedy

For those of you who are seriously politically active here in Los Angeles, you somehow find yourself on multiple email lists from political figures you might not like and maybe don't even support.

There is an email making its rounds in Los Angeles, coming specifically from the Jose Huizar re-election campaign. It provides hilarious and unintentional comedy for the readers. The email is a result of a "push poll" and claims that Huizar is winning his re-election campaign by over +40% !!

The Problem? The push poll was authorized and paid for by the Huizar campaign. Consultants who want to make Huizar happy cranked out crazy questions to get crazy answers...

For example:

Push Poller: (to voter on phone) If you were aware that Jose Huizar had invented a cure for cancer, and is very close to being able to stop Global Warming, would that make you more likely to vote for him?

Voter (on phone) : Yes!

Push Poller: If you were aware that Rudy Martinez had a hidden criminal record, and that he hates the Los Angeles Lakers, would you still be willing to vote for him?

Voter: No!

Push Poller: Thank you for participating in our survey!

Now, the above conversation is fictional, but you get the idea.

Push polls are created to smear the opposition.

Then there was also this little hit piece against Martinez. A bit of psycho-babble about a police badge from years ago. A nonsensical story where there was no crime and nothing happened. If that is the best they can do, Huizar might want to start scanning the want ads for future employment.

Huizar is obviously living in fear of Rudy Martinez. The reason is that Martinez is willing to spend over $100,000 in his attempt to win this Council seat from Huizar.

Most incumbents in LA are supported by the "political machine" -- the unions, public employees and other agencies that receive graft from the politicians. We have one of the most corrupt cities in America. So corrupt that in the 2007 City election, five of the Council Members didn't have an opponent. Unseating an incumbent is almost impossible. But Martinez has a shot.

Huizar is still ahead.... probably 58-42. Incumbency is powerful.

But not that powerful.

Even Paul Krekorian isn't winning by +40%. And he uses the dark arts.