Saturday, January 22, 2011

Barack Obama and the fake birth certificates

I have written about this subject before in a previous blog post. I said that the "birthers" need to forget about it and move on. The subject matter is silly and will never go anywhere, so it is a huge waste of time and energy to pursue this. However, my post was brief and didn't give a lot of detail.

Allow me to clarify.

If you look at the photos posted above, you will see two fake birth certificates for President Obama.
The top one, in green, is from the State of Hawaii.
If you look closely at the lower left hand corner, you will see this document was laser printed.
Newsflash! There were no laser printers in 1961 when Obama was born!
So this document can be tossed and dismissed outright when discussing validity.
Documents at that time were generally pre-printed forms that were rolled into a manual typewriter to be completed. They looked different.
The green "safety paper" it is printed on also did not exist in 1961.

Using this document for validation is about the same as having the State of Illinois present a copy of his drivers license and say "See!... I told you he was a citizen!".

The second fake birth certificate is clearly from someone who wishes to discredit President Obama.
The person did some research into the historical name of Kenya, and has the typewritten typeface mostly correct, but there are flaws here also. The poor formatting and the missing information signifies that this is a fake. Obamas father didn't know his own birthdate? Highly unlikely.

Also, the dates are wrong. If Kenya followed British customs, they would write their dates with day and month reversed from the way Americans do it. For example, today for Europeans is 22 January 2011.
Don't ask me why they do it that way, but it is a fairly standard practice across Europe and in all the countries they colonized, including Kenya. They would not write down their dates American-style on an official document. But the American forger who created this document was not aware of that fact.

So again, this document is junk. "Pure rubbish", as the British might say.
It can be disregarded.

Here are the facts:

1) Barack Obamas mother and father, both aspiring Communists, met while students in a Russian language course at the University of Hawaii in 1961.

2) Being students and not working for a living, they were both probably poor, as most students are.

3) Being able to cover the high cost of air travel to Kenya and back for two unemployed students in 1961 would be highly unlikely.

4) Census data indicates that most people are born in the same City that their parents were living in at the time. Just a matter of fact. Some couples do move while a woman is pregnant, but that is the exception. Over 90% of the time they don't move to another city mid-pregnancy.

5) There is some biographical information that indicates Obamas grandparents helped raise him during part of his early years.

6) The only information the "birthers" have is a comment from an elderly aunt of Obamas who said he was born in Kenya. The woman was older and had 15 or 20 other nephews and nieces and may have mis-spoke. She offered no proof or documentation.

The facts, evidence, and clues indicate Barack Obama was most likely born in Hawaii and is an American citizen. He is eligible to be President, even though some people might not like that fact.

Those on the right don't want him in power because of his Socialist, wealth-redistributing ideas and schemes that have killed every country that ever tried to implement them.

The birth certificate thing is just a weak excuse to get him out of office.

The best way to get rid of Obama is to run a good, solid candidate against him in 2012.