Saturday, July 10, 2010

Message to my fellow Republicans

Barack Obama is an American.

Barack Obama is President.

Deal with it.

It makes Republicans look bad to continually harp on this "birth certificate" nonsense.

John McCain, for the record, was born in PANAMA because his family was serving in the military at the time.
You didn't hear any Democrats crying about that, did you?
(Children of Americans that are born abroad are generally granted American citizenship.)
So even if Obama was born in Kenya, (and I don't think he was) his mother is an American and he would be granted American citizenship.

The "birther" crowd needs to take a step back and concentrate on 2012.
Obama is never going to get tossed out of the White House because of a missing birth certificate.

Trust me, I want to see him gone as soon as possible, but the birth certificate thing is dumb.
It needs to go away.
People who continue to dwell on it get viewed as fringe lunatics.
It doesn't help general Republican causes to dwell on that.