Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is City Council Candidate Stephen Box a member of Scientology?

City Activist Stephen Box has recently declared his candidacy for the 4th Council District seat currently held by Tom La Bonge.

While I respect the passion and commitment Box has shown to civic issues, there are some troubling questions about him. And I'm not talking about the fact that he just now became a U.S. citizen. Nope...that doesn't trouble me at all.

(Welcome to America, Stephen. Enjoy the rights and freedoms. Feel free to run for office.)

What is troubling to me is that I have heard rumors and comments that Stephen Box is a member of The Church of Scientology.

I don't know if these rumors are true, but I trust my sources as they have provided me valuable information in the past. These sources have been correct on other things.

Again, I may be wrong, and if I am I will write a retraction. But as of right now, I remain somewhat convinced that my sources are accurate.

Mr. Box is free to worship any faith he chooses, but I am personally not a fan of a religion created by a science fiction writer. (For the record, I am Catholic and attend services at Christ The King in Hancock Park.)

The other troubling concept here is this: Is Scientology paying the costs for the Stephen Box campaign in order to have a puppet installed in CD 4?

It would make a great deal of sense as they have a large amount of valuable property in Hollywood. Controlling the Council Member from CD 4 might prove invaluable to them.

Again, this could all be wrong, but I am hearing it from sources that I trust.

(Disclaimer: I intend to file papers and become a candidate for the 4th Council District in the March 2011 election.)