Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Can anyone stop Krekorian?

A comment made by Petra over on the Mayor Sam Blog got me thinking....

Can anyone stop the budget-destroying Socialist Paul Krekorian from winning re-election in CD 2?

The March 2011 election is coming up quickly and few have mentioned their intentions to challenge him.

Christine Essel spent over a million dollars and lost to him. That will certainly discourage many people from running against him. Don't cry for Chris Essel, though. She ended up with a cushy job at the CRA controlling hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money.
Krekorian definitely got the chump end of that deal.

Tamar Galatzan? No, I think she and Paul have some type of Gentleman's Agreement.
Paul probably owes her a future favor for her support last year.
We will probably see Tamar in a future election, but not in 2011.

Mary Benson? Mary is now a Krekorian staff member at City Hall, last I heard. She won't be running.

Zuma Dogg? ZD is living the good life in a rent-free pad down by the beach in Venice.
I doubt he'll come back to the Valley to fight again.

Joe Essavi? Last time I talked to Joe he was planning on running for a Community College Board position, or something like that. I doubt he will run.

Frank Sheftel is dealing with some legal issues between his business and the City. I think he is too busy with that for another run.

Maybe Pete Sanchez. Maybe Michael McCue.

Who knows?

I have come to like and appreciate businessman Augusto Bisani in the last year.
He's a good man. I know he would have the courage to try it again.

If Augusto wants to run against Krekorian -- I'm willing to join "TEAM BISANI".