Friday, July 2, 2010

Recall effort facing daunting obstacles

Well, all the ninnys and NIMBYS of this City just might get the last laugh on me.
My effort to Recall Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is facing some daunting obstacles, and if the situation does not change, this initial Recall attempt will not succeed.

1) With six weeks left, we do not have the required signatures. We do have hundreds and hundreds of returned petitions filled with signatures, but nowhere near the 240,000 we need by August 18th.

2) We started this Recall Campaign with less than $10,000 ... and we still have less than $10,000. Part of the crucial element here is that even though 1,000 City workers are about to lose their jobs, they are for some reason not interested in writing the Recall campaign a check for $20. Businesses who lose hundreds of thousands to excessive and Socialist City tax policies will not write a check for $50 to rid themselves of these accursed politicians.

3) The timeframe is working against us. Even if we had the money to enact our battle plans, there is slim chance we could get everything done by August 18th.

Most likely scenario is that we have to let this Recall expire and start raising money to do a new one.
I have a feeling that some of the newly-laid-off 1,000 City employees might get interested this time around.

We need to raise money to do a direct-mail campaign.
We plan on mailing instructions and petitions to over 200,000 voters.

It will cost over $50,000 to do this.

If those 1,000 about-to-get-laid-off City employees had been willing to write us a check for $50, we might be talking about the November Recall election already. But they didn't do that.

I can't do everything on my own, people.

I ran for Mayor against Villaraigosa and asked people to vote for me... they didn't.
I launched the Recall against Villaraigosa and asked people to help out financially...they didn't.
I can't help a City that won't cooperate.

I am willing to re-file against the Mayor one more time, but if larger organizations and groups won't step to the plate to help out financially, then the voters will be left to pay the price for their poor voting choices.

They will feel the sting of having Villaraigosa in charge until 2013. Yes...that's right..2013!

I think it is time for me to concentrate on talking to voters in CD 4 and hoping that they have smartened up a little bit since voting for Villaraigosa in 2009.

If not, they will have to deal with the pain of having the Al Bundy of L.A. politics as their Council Member...

Tom La Bonge.