Sunday, July 18, 2010

Operation: CLEAN SWEEP

L.A. Clean Sweep Kick Off, a big hit! from Michael N. Cohen on Vimeo.

I am happy to share this video of the kick off party for the CLEAN SWEEP project headed by former Daily News Editor Ron Kaye. Ron does some great blogging about civic issues at Ron KayeLA.

I am happy to help spread the word on CLEAN SWEEP, even though I think that in the long run, these people (whom I consider friends) will not support me in return. When I declare for Council District 4, I think the Clean Sweepers will be too in love with either suspected Scientologist Stephen Box or businessman and long time City activist Jack Humphreville. I predict this and expect their rejection of my candidacy, but I do not wish them ill in return. I still support their goals of changing the atmosphere of corruption in City Hall.

I was also happy to see KRLA radio host Kevin James getting involved, along with Daily News columnist Doug McIntyre. They have been good friends to Conservatives and I think they should consider running for office themselves. I think Kevin James would be a great City Council Member. He just needs to "pull a Krekorian" and rent some crappy apartment in some city district he wants to run in.

I was glad to see Walter Moore doing his thing. Walter took a bashing over on the Mayor Sam Blog by all-pro hater Joe Barrett. He also took cheap shots from local politcal operative Mike Trujillo, who went on to basically say that Walter is a racist.

For the record, Trujillo and Barrett are both talking out of their asses. Walter Moore may not like illegal immigration, but neither do hundreds of thousands of other City residents. It doesn't automatically make you a racist. It's repulsive to see them play the race card in an election that has nothing to do with race.

I was excited to see Austin Dragon as a candidate! We need more candidates to take down the corrupt city officials. I will support Michael McCue 100 times over rather than that Socialist Paul Krekorian.

The key is to get multiple candidates for each office and keep the incumbents under 50%. Then in the runoffs, all opponents can combine to take out the incumbents.