Sunday, July 25, 2010

Solving the pensions issue

I have a brilliant strategy for solving the pensions issue.

1) Someone needs to form a large organization called.. I don't know.... The American Taxpayers Alliance.. or maybe .. Taxpayers for Financial Freedom....something like that.

2) This group needs to become large in membership and well funded because....

3) They are going to start suing the Labor Unions and individuals who abuse the system.

You may have read that the Top 100 Pension Earners in the State of Illinois are set to cost the State $1 Billion in expenses over their retirement. An average of about $10 million per person. This is insanity!

(The State of California and The City of Los Angeles are in similar situations very soon)

Over 90% of these pensioners in Illinois are educators. They taught at the University of Illinois or something similar. They have an unreasonable expectation that they can draw a $300,000 pension for thirty years.
They want to be paid more for not working than they were paid for working.
Only a Labor Union could dream up this insanity.

My solution is that Taxpayers start suing the hell out of them. Going after their personal assets and saying that their "tort" against taxpayers is stealing a massive amount of money that was never approved by taxpayers.

Basically, it's our money, and we want it back.

Pensioners will claim, "oh it was approved by the union blah, blah, blah..."

Well, this is why Public Employee Unions should be illegal.
They work in fields where no competition is allowed... making everything they do ineffective and inefficient from the word go.
They do not negotiate with taxpayers for raises.
The Unions bribe corrupt politicians to vote for higher and higher salaries.
It is an orgy at the public trough and it has to end.
Mathematics and financial reality makes it impossible to continue this scam.

When faced with a jury of reasonable taxpaying citizens, these pension gluttons might suddenly realize they could lose everything and be willing to settle for a 50% cut in pension or something like that.

I think this is one way to stop them.