Friday, July 16, 2010

Clean Sweep Tomorrow, ZD update

Ron Kaye gets his Clean Sweep organizational meeting underway tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I have to work and cannot make the meeting.
I am hoping some of my many friends and acquaintances will attend and take notes for me.

I would also like some of my friends there in attendance to mention that I plan to file and run for City Council in CD 4 against Tom La Bonge. I am unafraid of the challenge of taking on a sitting Council Member.

I only need about 5,000 votes to win that election, and that is a number that is doable by any candidate running for City Council.

I am, by far, the best candidate who has declared to be running for this position.


I talked on the phone to ZD tonight... he said he is happy to be living the good life in Venice.
He said he is happy to be away from the negativity of City Activism.

He also said he won't go back to Council Meetings because the sound of Janice Hahns voice in the horseshoe chambers is simply too grating on his nerves. "I just can't take it", he said.

Maybe someone from Hahns office can let us know what days she will be missing from chambers?