Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jose Aguilar fights corruption with John & Ken

Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council President Jose Aguilar decided to hook up with KFI (640 AM) Radio show hosts John and Ken as they exposed the corruption in the City of Bell.

"These people hit the jackpot, man. They were making themselves millionaires!", said Aguilar. He also added that "It is always the Hispanic communities that get targeted.....that get cheated."

Aguilar is launching "Project Basta" to recall the City Council Members in Bell for allowing these corrupt practices to continue unabated.

If you haven't heard about it, the corrupt members of the City leadership in the City of Bell -- a small city with only about 40,000 residents -- got together and looted the City Treasury.

The City Manager of one of the poorest cities in Los Angeles County was paying himself $800,000/year.
That is twice what President Obama gets paid.
Bell Police Chief Randy Adams was getting paid $475,000/year.
That is more than what the LAPD pays their Chief of Police-- and L.A. has over 3 million residents in comparison.

Now more trouble as it becomes clear that some Bell Police officers were recruited to doctor mail-in ballots to keep two Council Members on the City Council. The Council jobs paid $100,000/year and were part time... two days a week of work.

The City Manager, the Assistant City Manager, and the Police Chief are already gone, resigning as public opinion boiled over against them.

Other residents are calling for Federal investigations into the fraud.