Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Box evasive when asked about religion

In a recent interview with the local blog Griffith Park Wayist, City Council candidate Stephen Box was unusually evasive when discussing religious ideology.

Box stated in the interview that he was "probably a registered Nazarene".

Probably? Probably?! HA!

This is nonsense from Box.
Nobody can fail to identify what religion they are, unless they just don't practice one at all.
You either are or you aren't.
There is no "probably" when it comes to religious identity.

This is double talk from someone who doesn't want to talk about the subject.
A softball thrown by a friendly blogger. And a sideways avoidance.

Box has yet to refute or deny rumors that he is a Scientologist.

I continue to believe my sources that say that Box is a practicing Scientologist.

I will continue to believe this, because Box offers no logical explanations to the contrary.